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Words, Coffee, and Friends: This is the Good Life. {Asheville, NC}

Hi there everyone. I hope your Friday mornings have started off peacefully. I’m heading to Raleigh, NC this afternoon to do some photos and to spend time with some of my very dearests. I hope that your weekends are half as lovely as mine is guaranteed to be!

With that in mind, I suppose it’s time for another ‘This is the Good Life’ posts where I share just a few things that are making my days brighter right now.

1. Words.

As I’ve taken time to think on my life and what I value, I’ve come to a place of knowing that it’s always been words. From my earliest years I’ve cherished the words of others and the chance to write my own. Stories and memories shared under any circumstance is something that I delight in. I listen to music to hear the lyrics, I read and I read and I read, I write like it’s more important than eating, and I breathe in and hold onto the things said to me by others. Everyday when I wake up and roll over to look at my little bookshelf I smile to myself. It’s not much to own, but, they just may be my most valued possessions.


2. The Cubano.

Ok, I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about this or you’ve seen it on my instagram. But, High Five Coffee has this little beverage that I love. It’s an americano with raw sugar, sea salt, and cream. It’s just kind of perfect. I have the app ‘timehop’ on my phone which tells me what I was up to years in the past on social media. That little guy notified me that last week was my 2 year anniversary of my first cubano. So, of course I celebrated by drinking one with intention.

3. Grocery Shopping with Theresa.

I notoriously like to grocery shop alone. There are few people that I’ve enjoyed this process with. {Hi Tyler!} But, Theresa and I have gotten into the habit of grocery shopping together on the regular. It’s gotten to the point that grocery shopping alone feels like I’m missing something. Hilarity always ensues and we have a little game where we try to spend less then each other. Sometimes we make videos, sometimes we flirt with bag boys, and most of the time we just giggle and pick out vegetables.
4.My best. 

This girl. I just can’t even begin to tell you how much I love her. There’s no one in the world that I want more good things for. She’s a piece of my heart and I get to not only see her this weekend but photograph her. So, be jealous.

joanna5. ‘Ole Casper.

I’ve never called him that before…
Josh and I lived and worked together in Chicago WAY back in 2006. He inspired me back then to be kinder and more thoughtful. He still does. My old pal came to visit last week and it was a brief but lovely visit. I cherish the time to catch up and to share a small slice of my life with someone that has been dear to me for almost 8 years. As always I’m challenged to see the world through his lens and to just be a better person.


Tell me, what’s been good for you lately?

with love and the good life,


M o r e   i n f o