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Why Do a Boudoir Session? {Asheville, NC Boudoir Photographer}

Continuing with the theme of introducing everyone to boudoir. I decided to write a post about why you would even consider having a boudoir session in the first place. That’s probably the most asked question after “what is boudoir” that I receive. There are a lot of reasons why and simultaneously no reasons at all.


You see, it’s probably the most common request that a woman will purchase a session as a gift to their partner. I am in full support of that. I think it’s a great gift! However, it’s not uncommon for them to reach out to me afterwards and mention how it felt more like something they did for themselves than anything at all. The partner just happened to benefit from it!

THAT is my favorite!

That is why it’s ok to purchase one for yourself.

Because it’s a treat. It’s the chance to get dolled up and dance around in beautiful things or nothing at all!

But, it’s more than that.

It’s your chance to heal. To make sense of the connection between your body and your soul. That inward beauty is congruent with outward beauty.
I’ve had women book sessions with me for several reasons:

-for their partner
-because they broke up with a partner
-to discover their sexuality
-to celebrate their sexuality
-because it looks fun
-to have a documentation of the way their body progresses throughout the years
-because their pregnant
-because their body changed after being pregnant
-because they need a reminder that they’re beautiful
-because they know they’re beautiful

and much much more.

Here is a little something I wrote for my website that I think you should read.

It’s called “Why Boudoir?”

When is the last time you did something for yourself? Something big.
Something that could potentially change the way you see yourself for the rest of your life?
The way in which I shoot boudoir is more than sexy photos to give to your husband.
It’s more than sexy photos to have of yourself. It’s about the very essence of who you are.
Seeing yourself and saying, “I look good.”
Sometimes, for the first time in your life.
It’s about changing the way you look at your curves.
About embracing the different stages of your body as it changes and develops before-during-and after children.
It’s about seeing your smile lines for what they are, products of the incredible joy you’ve experienced in life.
It’s more than sexy photos. It’s about colliding your everyday self with your sexuality.
Taking images of you in your element and realizing, this, this, is where I am the sexiest.
As I am. Everyday.
This is where my partner falls in love with me.
and Where I should fall in love with myself.
So, you ask me, “why boudoir?”
My response is how have you waited this long to do it?

Check in tomorrow and I will tell you all about what I LOVE shooting boudoir!

with love and boudoir,


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