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Why Choose Life Consulting Anyway?

I’m constantly in conversation with myself. Asking the tough questions or asking the easy questions over and over and over again until I get to the heart of it. One of the topics I’ve been tossing through my brain for the last several months is “Why are you pursuing life consulting? Who are you trying to reach and what do you have to offer them?”


I have answered and re-answered that question around 100 times knowing in my gut that I hadn’t quite gotten there yet. But, by golly you guys, I think I’ve made it!

In order to remain consistent, it only seemed appropriate to blog about it. So, here we go:

1. I want, no, NEED you to understand your infinite worth. 

You are valuable beyond measure. You have everything it takes to accomplish the hopes you have for your life and your value doesn’t grow or diminish based on your progress or productivity.

2. I want to help you sort through your desires. 

I’m drawn to working with people who may be in transition or may be aware that they need a transition but don’t know how to make it happen. I want to help you draw up a vision for your life and then draw a map filled with grace and understanding to the life you desire.

3. I believe you deserve your best life possible and that may have nothing to do with your job. 

We all have a recipe, the version of life that fits well on us for a time. How do you tap into your peace or deep joy? How do you face down your fears or care for your body? I want to work to help you fit more of the things in your life that feed the core of who you are. I want to help people realize that your job is only a snippet of your existence and life can and should fulfill you in other ways too!

4. I want you to see your untapped potential. 

So many of us feel stuck or useless. We value ourselves based on the position that we’ve found ourselves in or we are waiting for an authority figure to look at us and say, “Here’s what I think you have to offer.” The fact is, we have to know it for ourselves first. I want to help you see what you bring to the table and turn your understanding into action.

5. I want to spread the gospel of having a conversation with yourself. 

I talk to myself I want to help you to create conversations with yourself that are inquisitive, positive, filled with grace, and productive. I want to teach people the ways in which journaling, goal-setting and talking to myself in the car have changed my life.

6. I want to encourage a life filled with grace for yourself and grace for other people. 

I truly believe that the world would be a better place if we all learned to have patience with ourselves and with others. To believe that everyone is operating with the best of intentions including yourself. I want to promote the idea that we are all just human beings trying our very best to do our best in the world. We’re just all at different stages of the journey and that’s totally OK.

I’m dancing in my seat right now as I think of this life. Days filled with conversations that get to the heart, journaling practices and watching people bloom into everything we’ve all already known they could be all along.

Cheers to creating the best life possible.

with love,

M o r e   i n f o