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What I Demand of the Sunset.

Once I heard a line in a movie that said, “The difference between me and other people is that I’ve always demanded more from the sunset.”

When I heard it, I found it to be beautiful.
I thought of my own wild need to ask more of the world.
Of myself.

But, as I watch the sun set from my kitchen window, I have to say, it’s perfect.
And as I reach back into my memory bank, every one that I can remember is really quite perfect.

I don’t want more from it and I don’t care that they look nothing like each other.

I wouldn’t demand more of the sunset, rather, I think I’d prefer to strive to see more within the sunset that already exists.

I guess this is the way I approach people too.
I don’t want ‘more’ from them.
I just want to see the truest version of them.

That may mean I connect to some sunsets more than others but, it doesn’t make them less perfect as they are.

The fact is, I’m really only interested in diving deeply into people who are doing their best to be as they are.
I can’t ask any more of someone than simply to be.

When we tap into the truest parts of our being, I have to trust that it’s perfect.
We’re different, we’re rough, and we’re filled with a color and a light that no other person can exude.

Just like each sunset has its day and the day requires its existence.
So must I believe that the world requires ours.

with love,



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