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We stood there together…

We stood there together and looked out at the morning.
The fresh feeling of the breeze and the scent of dew in the air.

There were tasks that needed to be accomplished.
E-mails to be written, rooms to clean, laundry to do.
But, I chose to enjoy this moment.


To pretend for a brief instant that no one is waiting on me.
That all I have to do is enjoy the company and the way the breeze felt on my skin.
The occasional graze of our arms against one another and listening to stories from a life before now.

These are the moments that make up my life.
These beautiful connections of souls.

There’s a gift in being able to see people.
To catch a glimpse of who they truly are and to celebrate that for them.

I’m grateful for the open hearts who share of themselves freely.
Also, for those who are sparse in their sharing but, have come to a place where they trust me with their thoughts.

At the end of my life, I will look back at a patchwork of beautiful stories from people that sparked the fire of my existence.

with love,


M o r e   i n f o