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Top 5 Blog Posts of the Year! {2014 in Review}

One of my favorite things to look back on is which pieces of writing got the most reads. Here are the top 5 read blog posts of 2014! Check in tomorrow for my favorite blog posts from 2014!

5. The Photo

A post I wrote while I was in Nicaragua. Thoughts on how I’d like to be remembered.

4. How to Be Sexy. 

A post written in January about what I believe truly sexy people possess. A contrast to the sexy that’s been portrayed in the media for as long as I’ve been in existence.

3. Insecurities.

A brief post written about the way we view others through the veil of our own insecurities.

2. A New Chapter.

The day I announced that I’d be taking a step back from my business and working towards longer-term goals.

1. Dear Men, 10 Things You Should Know About Being a Woman.

The title is pretty self-explanatory. I am very pleased that this is my most popular post of 2014!

With love and 2014,


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