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To Change the World.

I believe life is a combination of existence and influence.
A blanket woven from the tension created by marrying two extremes.


To live in a way that changes the world, I believe you must first learn to live fully inside of your own skin.
I’m not talking of the shallow end of self-acceptance.
While I think there is worth in acknowledging your unique beauty, I’m talking more of resting deeply into your bones.
Not your physical bones even, but, the pieces of our soul that are solid.

The parts that even if you’re outwardly wavering, internally they are fixed and sure.

I’m tempted to speak of this as a destination.
I’m tempted to say phrases like, “once we are there” or “after you’ve found that place.”
The truth, I believe, is that we will likely never accomplish this completely.
If it were a destination, it would be one that is constantly re-locating.

The closer we are to sinking deeply into our being, the more likely we are to create or to contribute to the world in the ways that only we can.
I subscribe to the belief that we all belong to one another.
My obligation in this world is do everything that I can to do the things that are burning in my gut to be done.
I may not cure cancer.
I may not run a marathon to fight disease.
I may not hold the hand of an elderly person as they exit this Earth.
I may not sing a song that changes the mind of someone who can change public policy.
I may not write laws,
or raise a child,
or dance in a way that mends hearts and inspires creation.

But, you may.
My role may seem lack-luster in comparison to yours or vice versa.

However, the beauty, is that we need each other.
We belong to one another.
If we can find a way to be the version of ourselves that we believe we should be at our core.
Then, I have to trust that it will change the world.


with love,


M o r e   i n f o