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The Thorns.

Often, I feel fragile.

I’m quick to sway with the wind and bend to the will of the world.
It can feel as though my petals could easily be crushed by the footprint of life.


I know I must be strong.
To have lived through so many of my experiences.
To do so much, all of the time.
To still believe in the goodness of people.

I’m longing for a lot these days.
Longing to feel empowered, to feel the fullness of my potential, to feel like a good person.

I want to own myself.
To not feel like making anyone happy with me.
Rather, to just exist, and those people who appreciate that will fall in with me.
Those who do not will fall away.

Everything is a journey toward my most authentic self.

But, not just authentic.
Also, my bravest self.
My boldest and strongest.

I want to envelop the balance of toughness to my tender.

The thorns to the rose of my life.

with love,


M o r e   i n f o