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The Perils of Expectation and Why I Stopped Wanting More.

I’ve spent a large chunk of my life operating out of expectation.


The expectation that I carried for myself that I would be something more important than I am. Someone more successful, more well-known, more divine, more of everything.

The funny thing about always expecting myself to be more, is that more never ends.

No matter how much money I make , how many people connect to my work, how happy I am in my life, the expectation that I should be more requires a constant pursuit.

Recently, I gave myself the space to believe that this is as good as my life will ever be. If nothing were to change, how would that feel?

I realized that it would feel pretty stinking good!

I have a beautiful and loving partner, I’m connecting to incredible people for my work on a regular basis, I comfortably pay my bills and still have space for small luxury items, I live in a home that I love, I have a community that supports and challenges me, I have plenty of time with the people I love and with myself.

There was no sinking feeling in my gut that something needs to change.

So, I decided to stop pursuing more.

Instead, I’ve just been enjoying right now. I’m still dreaming and working toward what’s next. But, not with the same fervor, not with a sense of desperation. Everything is good. Anything else that I pursue or accomplish in my life from this point on is just a different kind of good.

For the first time in my existence, I feel totally and completely at ease with my future.

So, what about you?

What if nothing in your life ever got any better than it is right now?
Is there anything that stands out that is just not working? How can you make adjustments to feel better?

If not, how would it feel to just let go of the steering wheel for a bit? Enjoy the process, pursue only the things that are calling to you and release yourself from the expectation of more!

with love,

M o r e   i n f o