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The Good Life and Goals.

When this blog was primarily to promote my photography business, I would often write monthly business and personal goal posts. Last year, my new years resolution was to have a new resolution every month. Since the beginning of this blog and the blog that came before it, I have been posting monthly as an update on goals and life. Since January, I have gotten out of the habit of that and I feel as though it may be about time I get back to it!

This month I’m thinking that I will share a ‘this is the good life’ post and follow that up with some goals for the month of April! How’s that sound?

Without further introduction, here are a few things that were really quite lovely last month:

Rosemary and Paprika | 

I’ve been putting rosemary and paprika in my scrambled eggs. Mix that with some feta cheese and mushrooms, top a slice of toast and cover that in arugula, drizzle it with balsamic vinegar and you’ve made my go-to easy meal this month.

| Still Life with Woodpecker and Other Gifted Books | 

This has been the month of reading things that were gifted to me. I love having friends who introduce me to new and exciting things. It’s been fun to read things that have impacted or entertained the people in my life.

| Weekly Rituals | 

I often find it difficult to make sure that I’m seeing the people in my life that I love on a regular basis. My life is full and often when I’m free I may not be the first to ask people to do things. I’m typically scheduled out and tend to plan my life in advance. I’ve worked on stretching the spontaneity muscle in my being. However, it’s been really nice to have some of my dearest friends setting up regular hang out times. Sometimes, it doesn’t work out, like the time I completely forgot about a meeting that got added to my day and I left Rachel sitting in the Korean House during our regular lunch date (I’m still sorry about that.) But, it’s still nice for me to recognize the priority that is maintaining these treasured relationships.

Time Travel | 

I recently re-posted an old blog of mine to Facebook with the caption, “Sometimes, being a blogger is a bit like being a time traveler. Your past self can pop up just at the right time to give your current self something to think about.” I read this blog again for the first time since I published it. It was a great reminder of the strength that I hold in my spirit and just when I was starting to feel one-dimensional it snapped me right out of it.

April Goals: 

I have often jumped back and forth between setting unrealistic goals so that I reach further than I imagined I could or setting small attainable goals that boost my self – esteem at the mere accomplishment of them. I guess right now I’m on team simple, so here you go:

-Drink 2 qt. of water daily-
-Spend more time at home-
-Do something fun/silly everyday-
-Dance more this month-
-Have a yard sale and spring clean-

with love,


Rachel Adams - April 4, 2015 - 2:56 pm

Hehe I still need to come get my consolation chocolate 😉 Let’s pick up next week!

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