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The Finish Line.

On Friday, I ran a 5k.
It wasn’t something that I thought much about. It was mostly just a result of my eagerness to say yes and my ever-present desire to try new things.

The 5k was hilly and harder than I anticipated.
There were moments that felt easy and there were times where I thought about quitting.
Then there were times when I told myself I’d run to a certain point and when I got to that point I just kept going.

I guess it always feels good to finish something you thought you might quit.

There’s honestly not much in my life that has a finish line,
or even a final product.
It’s typically a whole lot of plugging away every single day at different tiny tasks.

There’s something gratifying about a defined end point.

I should have celebrated more when I crossed the finish line.
I should have congratulated my teammates more.
Instead, I spent the next half hour thinking about what I could change to do better the next time.

Isn’t that the point of a finish line though? To celebrate.
I thought of all of the missed opportunities in my life to tell myself that I did a good job.
All of the times that I finished something only to look back at everything I could have done better.

Certainly there is value in always striving to be better.
But, wouldn’t that skill be so much sweeter if it followed behind a gleeful and sincere celebration of the accomplishment. No matter the size of the task, any sweat and tears poured into something is worthy of a joyous celebration.

Beyond that, there is no amount of praise from a peer or a mentor that will ever mean anything if you never learn to speak kindness back into yourself. I know this in theory. But, there’s something different in telling myself I’m worthy and a deep and heartfelt celebration of my own accomplishments.

No matter what you’re working on today or this week, no matter how big or seemingly insignificant the task, I hope that you celebrate it. I hope that you not only tell yourself good job but I hope you do the touchdown dance of emotional gratitude of all of your hard work.

After all, we only get this one life, why not take every opportunity available to us to celebrate!

Rachel Adams - June 8, 2015 - 9:48 pm

I read once that one of the keys to achieving your long-term goals is not only to break the big goals down into manageable steps but also to make a point to establish milestones and celebrate the accomplishment of those milestones… So, there’s that 🙂

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