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The deepest wounds.

I looked back through my deepest wounds this morning,
as I like to do.
What I learned is that the ones that still sting, those were mostly created by other women.

Now that I see things more clearly, it’s evident that they hurt me out of a direct response to their own insecurity. Because, confident people feel less of a need to put others down. Confident people gain strength from empowering others to be as amazing as they are.

I can also think of all of the times that I’ve spoken rashly or harshly and it’s typically a clear response to my own insecurity at the time.
I did a self-portrait on this once. The idea that our insecurities are transferable.

I woke up this morning feeling an urgency, hoping that we would be able to look at our insecurity as our responsibility.
There is no one who can heal us, no amount of reassurance from another will ever fill the holes of our self-esteem.
It’s simply years and years of reminding yourself that you’re worth it and years of doing what you need to do to care for yourself.

I also happen to believe that our own insecurities vanish when we speak kindness into the lives of others. Just tossing that out there.

But, allowing it to breathe, to take on life and grow isn’t only hurting you.

It’s hurting people that you love and sometimes innocent strangers.

I know this isn’t beautifully written or organized.
However, I feel a deep need to say it.
You have to know that it’s urgent.
Take care of yourself.

Dear one,
Your heart is precious and you’re so very worthy of love and deep acceptance.
That acceptance will not come from any better source than yourself.

with so much love,


Nora Roy - March 10, 2015 - 2:21 pm

❤ thank you for sharing- you’re so very right!

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