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The Beauty in Authenticity. {Asheville, NC Boudoir Photographer}

This isn’t a post that I want to write.
I’ve thought and thought about how to approach some things that I’ve seen lately.


People have been taking my words and using them as their own. Bending their work to appear like mine.
I realize that no ideas are original. We are all inspired by one another and that, is in its own way, very beautiful.

However, taking someone else’s words or art directly is not only wrong. It’s doing yourself a disservice.

You my dears are more than that.
You have more to offer than my words. You have your words.

The longer we all do what we can to re-create the voice or look of someone else.
The longer the world is aching for what WE have to offer.

I’m not saying that we are never influenced by others.
I am forever inspired by artists that come before me and my amazing peers in the industry.
My work changes because of the things I learn from them.
I’m talking about direct replication.

Whether you are borrowing words from me or poses from pinterest.
I urge you to take a minute and to evaluate your own voice.
What you want to accomplish with your work.

I can promise you that the authentic voice that you find for yourself will be miles more desired than a replica of mine or anyone else’s.

with love and authenticity,





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