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    I'm Sarajane, a blogger and photographer based out of Asheville, NC.

    On this blog you can find stories from my life, my thoughts on the world,
    and photos of some pretty fantastic people!

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On Letting Go.

There’s a familiarity in Portland.
So much like home that I often expect to run into people that I know when I turn the corner.

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Nora Roy - October 12, 2015 - 4:21 pm

I have that same familiarity in Asheville- a visit to Asheville is the easiest way to feel like I’m back home. :-)

Oby Frank Arnold - October 12, 2015 - 7:47 pm

Well I’d say this trip has already been a solid investment.


Meet megan.

sunshine. nature. herd of wild horses. the moon. kind. kaleidoscope. adapter.
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On Make-Up Counters & Working Too Much.

I went to a make-up counter once.
I walked tentatively up to the counter and asked about concealer.
I was uneasy in that environment, it didn’t feel like someone like me belonged there.
I don’t know if I didn’t think my clothes were nice enough, my face was pretty enough or if it had more to do with my lack of understanding of the process all together. Whatever the reason, I felt like I was a flashing red light of an outsider.

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Meet Tommy.

Mountain goat. Vision-quester. life-student. father. climber. looker. listener. lover. seeker. communicator. charmer.

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5 Things I Learned from Being a Tourist in my Hometown.

I have to admit that I haven’t always had the best relationship with tourists. Our dynamic takes the darkest turn when I’m driving down wall st. I like to joke that the floating man that sets up on the corner there is my nemesis, watching people congregate around him standing in the middle of the road, making it impossible for me to exit the street feels like a personal attack on the well-being of my day.  It wouldn’t be shocking to see me honk my horn gently to alert them of the giant inconvenience that it is to try and navigate the roads around them.

That being said, I like to pride myself on being someone who can see things from every perspective. After all, aren’t I the glowing eyed tourist taking my sweet time crossing the street because everything feels too whimsical to move quickly when I’m traveling? Spoiler alert: I totally am.
I think most people remember the way it felt to fall in love with this city for the first time. Having grown up here, I think I took it for granted. I never had the feeling of enchantment, not in the same way at least. I wanted to try and see and recreate that first time feeling. To look at this city with fresh eyes.
So, I decided to live a few days in asheville as though I were here on vacation. I spent two nights in the absolutely dreamy Sweet Peas Hostel and this is what I learned…

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