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Holiday Gift Guide | for The Home Bar {Guest Blogger: Tyler McCall}

Today I’m featuring guest-blogger Tyler McCall of Leaves and Beards! He’s a dear friend and one of my favorite people to brainstorm with. Check out his blog to see his awesome home bar cart as well as more Holiday gift guides, including my gift guide for your nerdy coffee friends!



Holiday Gift Guide | for The Home Bar

What do you get for your booze-loving friends or relative? Well, a bottle of their favorite beverage is always an option; but, here are some fun gift ideas that are a little out of the ordinary.

Jack Rudy Cocktail Supplies – Jack Pack | $60jack-pack1

Jack Rudy is the be-all and end-all when it comes to small batch, handmade cocktail mixers – namely tonic, grenadine, and bitters. The Jack Pack is the perfect way to introduce your cocktail-loving friends to these fine items. The kit includes small batch tonic, small batch grenadine, aromatic bitters, and a bar towel.

Rack Pack | $25

The Rack Pack is a super cool wine tote and holder that can be used a multitude of ways. Add an affordable bottle of wine to the wooden carrier as a simple gift for your wine-loving friends.

Crafted Taste Cocktail Kits and Subscriptions | $55 – $200cocktail kit

Crafted Taste is the Birchbox for cocktail lovers. The site provides a monthly subscription service with three different levels – Mixers Only, Standard Monthly, or Premium. You can also buy single kits. The kits include hand-picked mixers, supplies, accessories, bar tools, alcohol (if you pick the standard or premium kits), and recipes.

Monkey Fist Rope Cork | $5
monkey fist cork stopper

A great addition to any bar or bar cart. The cork comes in five different colors.

Morris Kitchen Syrups | $12 – $35
morris syrups

These handmade cocktail syrups, made in Brooklyn, are available in a variety of flavors, including: preserved lemon, spiced apple, ginger, rhubarb, and classic grenadine. Morris Kitchen also offers seasonal mixers, currently featuring a ginger spice mixer for hot toddy’s and a grapefruit hibiscus mixer for a winter spritzer.

Corkcicle | $16

Made from BPA-free plastic and a freezable gel, the corkcicle keeps whites chilled or brings room temperature reds down to the perfect sipping temp.

Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener | $6
bottle opener mount

American made and available in over two dozen colors, these cast iron bottle openers are the perfect, affordable gift or stocking stuffer for anyone on your list.

Whiskey Stones | $12
whiskey stones

Whiskey or sipping stones are perfect for use in any spirit you want chilled to the perfect drinking temperature, without being diluted by melting ice.

Cocktail Mixing Glass | $36
mixing glass

Not every cocktail is meant to be shaken. Did you know you can “bruise” certain spirits – especially gin – with too much shaking and abuse? Crazy, huh? This mixing glass – found in craft cocktail bars all over – is perfect for those drinks that need stirring or building in an large-mouth, easy to pour from vessel.

Ice Ball Mold | $19
ice ball mold

You’ve seen them in fancy bars, now make your own rounded ice for cocktails and drinks at home. The ice keeps whiskey chilled and looks great in cocktails, but melts slowly.

Until Next Time,

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Meditation and Basketball Goals.

The closest I’ve gotten to meditation was the time that I modeled for a figure drawing class.
I wasn’t able to move so I spent the entire 3 hours staring at the same spot and trying not to think thoughts.
This mostly just led to a slight panic and intense internal brainstorming.
I may have left the session with forty new business plans.

Recently, over breakfast with one of my favorite people, they shared with me a new concept for meditation they’d discovered.
Instead of trying to not think, they’ve been looking at it as allowing their thoughts to simply pass by without engaging them.

So, the other day during some down time I took a minute to close my eyes and thought of a place that would be relaxing for me.

The first image that came to mind was a basketball goal.
I watched my thoughts dressed as basketballs floating over the rim like the cow who jumped over the moon.


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Tyler McCall - December 15, 2014 - 10:10 pm


Cheri Pomraning-Dobbins Allegood - December 15, 2014 - 10:55 pm

What a gift. I remember that place. A place where hospitality was evident.

Lindsay Lee - December 15, 2014 - 10:56 pm

Sounds like you’ve got meditation down pat. :)

There’s this song…

There’s this song that comes on a lot at work.
It’s played consistently on all of my favorite pandora stations.
I find that I hear it playing most mornings when I open the store.

Today as I walked from the back putting chairs down I heard the opening line.
I looked up at the speakers and smiled like it was a favorite regular.

Nice to see you again.


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