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    I'm Sarajane, a blogger and photographer based out of Asheville, NC.

    On this blog you can find stories from my life, my thoughts on the world,
    and photos of some pretty fantastic people!

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An Open Letter to Creatives.

Hello dearest creative,

I’ve been thinking about you lately. I’ve been thinking about how many people in my life are incredibly talented, full of valuable things to say or creativity to share. I’ve been thinking about how I know you are full and vibrant and gifted and how so many of you are keeping these gifts for yourself. Perhaps you are waiting for things to be perfect. The right timing, the perfect poem, the right song, the right platform.

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A Case for the Sexy #Selfie.

I’ve always paid attention. I’ve always been aware of the needs of those around me and it’s a rare day that someone’s insecurities pass by me unnoticed. Because of that, I learned early on that women felt that they weren’t supposed to be thick, they weren’t supposed to be pale, and they weren’t supposed to be tomboys. Rather, the style that existed during my formative years was the glorification of the Kelly Kapowski prototype. Thin, tan and delicate. As you can imagine, growing up as a plump, red-haired, fair skinned little girl who only wanted to be just like her brothers left me feeling less than adequate. As I heard the women in my life put themselves down I realized everything they hated was something that I possessed and often in a more dramatic way.

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Bass Byrne Wolf - June 15, 2015 - 8:43 pm

You’re so wonderful. Simply and truly, wonderful. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world and me… my heart is happy for that.

Hannah Jo - June 19, 2015 - 1:02 am

Love this! I think from a feminist perspective it’s interesting (like you’re saying) to think of self-portraits as images outside of voyuerism and simple capturing ourselves as we want/deserve to be seen. It’s a powerful form of resistance to the idea that only certain bodies deserve to be seen/celebrated as sexual/sensual and even redefining what it means for ourselves to own our bodies and sexuality in ways that feel natural and powerful to us rather than prescribed. Sexy selfie on, lady!

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