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So, I Went on Vacation… {Topsail Beach Photography}

As many of you already know, particularly those which follow me on social media, I’ve been out of town. If you’ve checked the blog in the last week you’ve probably noticed that it’s been silent.

I took away from social media and my phone for several days to re-center myself.

It was exactly the sort of clarity and mind-opening that I was hoping for.

Topsail (12 of 42)

I debated on whether or not I would blog about it, whether I would take any photos, or if I would share the photos that I did take.
I wanted this to be a trip that was mine and didn’t want to cloudy that with sharing too much.

However, it was special.
It was small and could have been insignificant, but, it wasn’t.
I’ve been able to tap into parts of myself that I was missing and I was in a space where I could really receive the lessons that I was learning.

I decided to share a few stories from my trip with you this week.
They’re small things, but, they were meaningful to me.

So, check back in the next few days for those.
In the meantime, here are some photos from Topsail beach!

Topsail (10 of 42)Topsail (13 of 42)Topsail (14 of 42)Topsail (15 of 42)Topsail (16 of 42)Topsail (18 of 42)Topsail (21 of 42)Topsail (31 of 42)

with love and rest,


Donna Dobbins McCall - April 28, 2014 - 3:35 pm

I can hardly wait! So glad you got really away!!!!

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