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Skimming your feet on the surface of negativity.

I’ve given thought to some phrases in my life lately.
The things that when they come up I can easily get lost in their world.

Like a tip-toe dipped into perfectly cool waters the words that, with a mere taste of them, can lead me to jumping head first into the familiar hydration of whatever it is that will cause them to consume me.

I find it meaningful to acknowledge the darker side of our thoughts, but, often they lead to a more all consuming relationship that I am less inclined to feel comfortable with.

Words like anxious, lonely, or even insecure.
These words when allowed to hold power in my life have the ability to become additions to who I am at the moment. But, what if I change the way I think of them? What if I replace those words all together?

Instead of anxious maybe I have a heightened sense of awareness. 

Maybe my body and my mind are a bit perked up at the moment? What if I lose the phrase, “I’m anxious” and replace it with an acknowledgement of the root of my feelings. The root when identified is much much closer to it’s solution.

Instead of lonely maybe I have a lot of space in my life at the moment. 

There are so many times when my life is crowded with people and activities that all I want is some alone time. But when the winds change and the scale is tipped in the other direction it can feel isolating. If I can choose to remember what it feels like when my life is full, I am able to appreciate the times when there is just a little more space.

Instead of insecure maybe I am unaware of my value. 

This phrase inherently acknowledges that at the core of things, I am valuable. (as are you) That though I may not be aware of it at the moment it doesn’t negate the fact that it’s true.

I think opening up my language in a way that allows room to explore the cause of my feelings rather than the emotional reaction to them will help me to skim my feet on the surface of negativity without diving head first into what can be all consuming waters.

with love,


Oby Frank Arnold - April 6, 2015 - 6:18 pm

I love this Sarajane Case

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