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Savor it. {Asheville, NC}

I received a fortune cookie once that said, “Seize every second of your life and savor it.”


I opened the cooke while on an extended road trip around the country. We visited all 48 states in 6 months.
I was doing something to quench my adventurous spirit. Doing something that felt like it would be that very thing.
That I would have no other option but to truly live in the moment and savor it.
Yet, as I sit here writing in the coffee shop that I go to everyday, with a friend that I see everyday, I feel more able to savor the tiny joys then I did during some of my greatest adventures.

Maybe it’s partially to do with the stress of traveling.
Being tired and not really able to see the world in the way you imagine.

Or perhaps, it’s simply that it takes time to truly  savor things.

with love,



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