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I have this quote written by my front door,

“There’s a little bit of paradise in everyday. You just have to find it.”

It’s a nice reminder to not look at my life as a series of to-do lists and ‘getting things done.’ If I take the time to think on it, I’m reminded to seek the moment of sweetness, the tiny blip of peace or the brief moment of elation. Some days certainly offer more. There are definitely days that are  filled with peace and days filled with unimaginable joy. But, everyday is better if we savor even the tiniest bits of goodness when it presents itself to us.

As I’ve developed, I’ve come to the understanding that Paradise isn’t something that we find, rather it’s something that we carry with us. It’s not about searching for the moment or the place, it’s about creating the situation yourself. It’s about asking yourself everyday what you need to feel peace, happiness and unadulterated fun. It’s about seeing past the cloudiness of your sadness and breathing in gratitude for everything good that is happening for you.

Not to say that the clouds won’t stick around and not to say that we shouldn’t let ourselves feel the depths of our sadness. It’s just that knowing how to dig within ourselves for what we need to feel something different than our darker parts. That’s where the control over our happiness begins. Learning to see past our circumstances and deep into our core for the source. Circumstances will change, life will most certainly throw you curve balls and hard times, but, being able to breathe your happiness out of your gut and into your face, that skill will last with you through all of the seasons.

And, if you can’t make yourself feel the feelings. Just force yourself to fake a smile for at least 30 seconds everyday and eventually, at least once, that smile will be real. It may not be the cure, but at least it’s a start.

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