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Place to Try: Ann Sather

Ok, in the beginning of this trip, I was telling you about all kinds of coffee shops and restaurants that we ventured to. I haven’t done as much of that lately. However, our recent trip to Ann Sather’s in Chicago deserves a shout out. I first heard about Ann Sather watching the TV show, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.” I’m a total chef/cooking show host groupie and love that they’re all on one show telling me what I should eat. lol Anyway, Ted Allen {host of chopped and previously a judge on Top Chef} listed Ann Sather’s cinnamon rolls as the food he most loves to start his day with. I wanted to go but didn’t really make a gallant effort to do so.

Then, we stepped off the “El” to walk back to where we were staying and there it was! The original Ann Sather! A 2 second walk from the apartment we were in. So, of course we ventured down for breakfast one morning! It did not disappoint!  Me and Kyle both ate for under $10 including tip. It was absolutely delicious. You will just have to try it for yourself! But, the cinnamon rolls were melt in your mouth amazing!

with love and happy taste buds,


Place to Try: Taste of India (Seattle, WA)

Kyle and I sometimes play this game where we figure out what type of food we are in the mood for and then we search it on our GPS and pick the restaurant with the name that appeals to us the most. Two nights ago we were in the mood for Indian and picked a place called, “The Taste of India.” We got there and were terribly hungry to find that there was a wait. But, we took a seat in the waiting area to have them hand us a cup of complimentary chai. While we were drinking our chai (which was seriously the closest thing I’ve ever had to what we drank in India) they handed us a complimentary appetizer. When it came time for us to sit down I was actually a little disappointed because I was enjoying my waiting time so much. After we sat down we enjoyed an amazing meal of butter chicken and garlic naan.

We enjoyed that experience so much that we went back the next night when we were having a difficult time deciding where to go. Last night we discovered that if you buy a hot or iced chai with your meal they give free refills! If we lived in Seattle, I swear I’d be there every week! The best restaurant experience I’ve had since our lovely friend in Paris. I can’t wait to com back to Seattle to eat at Taste of India!

City Love: San Francisco, CA.

I love reading books that take place in the city that I’m traveling in. I read Eat, Pray, Love while we were in Italy and in San Francisco, as I was traveling through the streets, Jack Kerouac was traveling there with me. It does a personality like mine a lot of favors. I tend to not be where I am, ever. I’m always planning something else, to read about Jack traveling the streets I’m looking at, it makes me live in the moment. Embrace the present.

First of all, let’s talk about Philz Coffee…

Our friend Ren told me about this place and I’m so thankful. It’s a local chain that started out with a man and his son who created their own blends. They only serve coffee brewed one cup at a time. There’s no espresso but they’ll make you their own version of a latte if you like. I went twice while we were in town because I enjoyed it so much I forsook the option for variety. The first day I got a dark blend which they asked if I wanted it without sugar or how sweet I’d like it. They added my sugar and cream for me (I seriously only got sugar and cream because I thought the process was fun. ha.) The second day I got an iced coffee in which they put mint leaves! I love those little touches. Philz is a recommendation I would make over and over. It’s an awesome concept and I think they executed it well!

After Philz I made friends with this guy.

I’m not big on doing the touristy things. I tolerate them if they’re important to Kyle but, if it were just me, I would avoid every last bit of them. But, I desperately wanted to ride the trolley! We waited in line, talking to a lovely couple from Chicago, for an hour and half to ride the trolley a block and see people grab it from a stop there immediately. Lame. But, worth the experience, I think.

We also saw this guy. too cute.

I loved the streets and houses in San Francisco.


I was excited to visit Chinatown. We had the best chinese food of my entire life!

We ventured up to Twin Peaks and enjoyed the view of the city! If we lived there I’m pretty sure we’d be up there everyday! It’s so pretty!

On our way out of town we visited the bridge. duh.

Our drive from San Francisco to our next stop in California was very beautiful!

with love and the golden city,


City Love: Wilmington, NC

Hey friends. As many of you know, Kyle and I love good food. One of our favorite hobbies is to go out to great restaurants. So, while we lived in Wilmington we were able to find some awesome places to eat. We made a point to never eat at the same places twice. There are so many good restaurants here that we didn’t want to get stuck in a rut. But, even with that goal, some places were so good that they kept us coming back. So, when we were planning our trip down here, our two biggest goals were to visit with friends and eat at our favorite restaurants. These are the ones that made the list!

1.) K-38 Baja Grill.

Ok, this was only on my list, but, they have the most amazing beer battered fish burrito. It will knock your socks off!

2.) Flip’s Barbeque.

Normally, me and Kyle are not into eastern NC bbq. However, we tried this place out of convenience and it’s amazing. Their sauce is so sweet, spicy and vinegary at the same time. Not to mention they are incredibly inexpensive and their french fries are the perfect amount of crunchy! (I’m real technical about these descriptions, right? ha)

3.) Paddy’s Hollow.

This is a place that we went A LOT probably our second favorite restaurant in Wilmington. It has some of the best steak I’ve ever tasted. They use great aged beef making it so tender. On top of that they have a plate of fish n’ chips that you can split comfortably with another person as well as one of the best po’ boys I’ve ever tasted. All this and they send you a coupon for a free entree for your birthday! Guess whose birthday is coming up and is going tonight : )

4.) Flaming Amy’s.

If you’ve come to visit us, then you’ve gone to either one of the Flaming Amy’s restaurants. There is the classic burrito barn, where you can get any type of burrito you can imagine, from the fried chicken with buffalo sauce and ranch, to the thai me up with tofu and peanut sauce to the shrimp po’ boy with jalapeno tarter sauce. Along with that, they have a full on salsa bar with unique salsa’s to taste. The other restaurant is Flaming Amy’s Bowl. It’s a mongolian style restaurant where you get a bowl and you pick out your ingredients and hand them to a guy/girl who will cook them with your choice of noodles or rice right there in front of you. It’s all you can eat and there are a crazy amount of sauces that you can chose from. My favorite is their weekend brunch. You can pick all of your ingredients and they’ll scramble them with eggs and give you tortillas to eat it with. So good.

with love and good eats,


City Love: Charleston, SC

Hello friends! Well, we’ve been on this trip for 10 days now and we’re in our third state. We came into Savannah, GA last night and stayed with a wonderful lady named Nancy. We’ll be here for a couple more days with our friend Vickery’s sister and husband. It’s nice and rainy here so we haven’t seen a lot so far. Just hanging out at the Sentient Bean, editing photos and drinking coffee. (surprise surprise)

We had a lovely weekend in Charleston. We were able to catch up with some great people. We saw ate great seafood, perused a local bookstore, drank a lot of great coffee, smoked a little hookah, danced the night away and partook in more than our fair share of great conversation and laughter. I adore the people we met and spent time with while we were there, it’s rare to find intelligent, honest, and fun loving people who you just feel comfortable with. I thought I’d post a couple of photos from Charleston for your viewing pleasure.

I love a good picture of a bike.

The cat inside the Blue Bicycle bookstore. I want her life.

Get used to seeing a lot of coffee shop pictures! There will be a million more : )

This place is called Hope and Union. It’s got one of the best atmospheres I’ve experienced. It’s light and rustic, but, modern at the same time. It’s in an old Charleston house with only a small sign that says “coffee” to set it apart as a coffee shop. They serve Stumptown and Intelligentsia beans which are legit quality beans. While we were in Charleston we also visited City Lights which was nice, but, a little small and not as user friendly for non-regulars. I’ve also visited Kuduin the past and it’s a great place if you’re looking for something different.

I want this to be my reading nook.


with love and great times with good friends,


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