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On Shoes and Changing.

Occasionally, I find it imperative that I purge myself of belongings.
I go through all of my things and get rid of those that I don’t use often or can’t see myself using in the future.
Perhaps it comes from moving so frequently.
If I don’t have a desire to move it with me, then it needs to go.

Recently, I sorted through my shoes.
I thought about how there are pairs in there that I wouldn’t purchase for myself now.
When I bought them, they were perfect for me.


They inspired me enough to make a financial investment.
The problem with them is not so much that they’re older.
But, that I’m not the same girl who bought them.

My style has changed and although they’re the same size, they now fit awkwardly on my feet.
Looking out of place and uncomfortable.

The same is true for many things in life.
They may feel like a perfect fit, and they are for a time.
But, as time goes on and we change, the seasons come and go creating a new version of ourselves.
We may no longer fit the mold we’ve so cozily rested into before.

Perhaps the key to a happy life is learning to recognize the difference between a pair of shoes that no longer fit our feet or our lives and the old worn out pair in which we sink into beautifully.
Maybe the older pair isn’t as exciting as a shiny new pair.
But, eventually, they’ll both grow old, it’s just figuring out which ones will still fit when they do,

with love,

M o r e   i n f o