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On Re-Learning the Basics. (Evolution Series: Week 5)

I’m reminded this morning of the need to care for myself.

For me right now, that feels like giving to my heart so that I can pour into the people that I love. Last week was a constant reminder that I’ve been built up by so many people in my life. I have resources and people that have made it possible for me to do my work. To let my work overshadow them is unfair to us all.

week 5


I often feel like giving to work is the same as giving to myself.
Because, I love to work.
But, the truth is that it’s not.
I also feel like spending time with my lover is the same as giving to myself because I enjoy him so immensely.
The truth is that I need to make sure I’m actually giving myself what I need to feel full enough to give back.

I need:

-Deep laughter. Whether it’s from playing silly games with my friends or watching a light-hearted television show. It’s important to me that I laugh and smile and play often.
-To feel like I have free-time. No more over-scheduling myself.
-Time in my apartment to enjoy living in my home.
-Tiny adventures where I seek out the things that inspire me.
-Time spent organizing my apartment & my car on a regular basis. Everything feels better when my physical life is in order.
-Quiet evenings cooking meals for myself or others.
-Regular exercise.
-8 hours of sleep
-daily writing.

What do you need?

with love and re-learning the basics,

M o r e   i n f o