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On Friendship and True Love.

When it comes to friends, give me complicated. Give me easy to disagree with. Give me hard to swallow. Give me deep.

I want to see you naked. Break open your rib cage and show me your beating heart. Rippled and scarred from the ones who came before. Let me place my hands on the nerves as they pulsate and I will breathe love back into your wounds.
Invite me over when your house is messy. When I ask you how you’re doing I want to hear the complexity that is your human experience. Don’t tell me you’re fine, don’t tell me you’re good, I want to hear the way your heart murmurs in the depths of your soul. I want to see the rips and the cracks and the pieces of sadness that are seeping through.  I want to hear about your stressors, I want to hear about your joys. Share with me your happiness and reveal to me your deepest insecurities.
I will gladly leave behind the superficial. Laugh with me about the way life is weird and sometimes we do strange things with our hands. Do awkward things at parties with me and make fun of the way life is much more complicated than everyone else seems to notice.
Share with me your deepest fears and I will push you towards your finest moments.
I read once that you become like the five people you spend the most time with. If that’s the case I want to surround myself with people who live their lives wide-open, they wear their emotions on their face and they pour out their goodness and their messy parts with a deep well of which to receive mine.
Give me people who will do what they need to do to chase their own happiness, never requiring that of another. Rather, they find it within themselves and pour it out onto the world.  I want to surround myself with people that live with creative passion and fill their lives with honesty and devotion to the things that drive them.
Don’t give me going through the motions, don’t give me complacent, never show me false happiness.
When it comes to friends I want complicated. Give me easy to disagree with. Give me hard to handle.
Give me open hearted listeners and accepting of all of the ways in which humanity is deeply beautiful and deeply flawed.
with love,
Donna Dobbins McCall - August 10, 2015 - 9:28 pm


Sarah Caroline Padgett - August 14, 2015 - 3:59 pm


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