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On Doing Something Great. (The Evolution Series)

Do you ever share a time with someone and leave thinking, “we just solved the world!” I’m lucky enough in my life to have people like that surrounding me on a regular basis.

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The other night, my friend Rachel and I sat over drinks at Crow & Quill. For those unfamiliar Crow & Quill is a bar in Asheville without a sign and with the whiskey selection of my dreams. It’s the kind of place that hosts cabaret nights and poetry readings and plays home to a decor that makes you think Edgar Allen Poe probably rose from the dead and decorated it using nothing but his words.

I walked into the bar fresh off of two days of overworking myself, feeling like nothing in my life was right and wanting to hide in a hole or run away to Europe somehow. I spoke to Rachel of this nagging feeling in my gut that I’m supposed to do something great one day. That there’s this thing floating out there in my future that I’m supposed to grab hold of and it will be the key to my ultimate success and what I have to offer the world. I had what is embarrassingly a panic attack at the pressure of needing to find it for the sake of the universe and myself.

We discussed how believing there is something giant out there, some sort of pinnacle that you reach when you’ve found your thing makes everything that you do in the meantime feel like you’re wasting your time or procrastinating on your passion.

Then we solved the world.

What if your something great is simply what is bringing you to life at the current moment?

What if it’s not a ladder that you climb until you get the top and then stay there? What if it’s all one lateral journey and the something great is finding what it is that makes your soul sing at that particular moment?

What if we stopped using phrases, “I’m a teacher. I’m a business owner. I’m a photographer.” But instead we say, “I’m Rachel and right now I teach english and yoga. or I’m Sarajane and right now I help people make the most of their social media and I take photographs of products and people and I write this blog that sends light up through my bones.”

What if we stop looking for mr. or mrs. right and we ask ourselves if we are happy in the relationship we’re in and/or alone? What if we start looking at life as it is, what we are doing right now in this moment and what would make this moment feel better?

What if we just let go of the concerns we have for our future because our life is simply made up of a bunch of right here and right nows until we die. What if we stop trying to find ‘our thing’ but we actively work toward what we want as we realize we want it?

What if our something great is determined by us and not what society would deem as worthy of that title. What if doing something great is writing a blog that only makes you enough money to pay for itself? What if something great is raising a human that you are proud of? What if something great is building the love life of your dream one hard conversation after another?

What if something great is perfecting the art of just letting go.

with love,

Donna Dobbins McCall - July 25, 2016 - 4:31 pm

What if I told you that you have already touched and changed many many lives for the better… Including mine?

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