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On a Season of Observation. ( The Evolution Series )

Lately, I’ve been in a phase of observation. Which, is really quite new for me. I’m a person of action. One of my greatest gifts is moving forward with ideas despite the fear of consequence. To put it less gently, I often act and make moves while ignoring any possible consequence that could occur. To be fair, I’ve loved my life. It hasn’t always been the most financially stable and I often make moves that I later change my mind on. But, I am living and I have had so many great experiences that have built me into the person I am and have contributed to a long list of skill-sets that I wouldn’t have acquired otherwise. But, now, I am in a phase of observation.

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I’m ready to make a move in the direction of some long held dreams and that feels like it deserves some reverence, some thoughtfulness and potentially some stalling tactics. It’s been amazing to observe in the moment rather than my usual habit of looking back after the fact.

In my life I’ve often enjoyed the act of reflection. Taking note of my current reality and remembering all of the things that occurred along the way to make me who I am. In this phase of observation I’ve allowed myself to see the things that are happening right now that I know will aid me in the goals that I have for my future.

I’m channeling who I want to be and the things I want to accomplish and approaching each new experience with the understanding that each of these beautiful and hard moments are chiseling away at my ego, adding skills to my resume and ultimately aiding me in creating the life that I desire for myself.

with love and observation,


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