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New November! {Asheville, NC Boudoir Photographer}

November is going to be a season of change. Lots of things are happening and lots of movement. Including an actual move for me. I’ll still be in Asheville, but in a different home. I sent out my first newsletter last week, I’m hosting my first marathon photo event! Tickets go live today actually! Check it out here. 

I’m ALSO hosting my first workshop! It’s a ‘learn your camera’ workshop. Tickets for that went on sale today too! Check it here. 

I wrote a little bit about my thoughts on this time of my life in the newsletter that went out last week. I’ll share a little of that with you…

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Thoughts on Transition


If I’ve ever been in a time of transition it would be now.
It seems as though every aspect of life is moving and rotating.
A constant shift.
There’s a certain degree of jumbling that is expected during these times.
Big life moves are rarely easy.
They’re rarely fun while you’re doing it.
But, you push forward because you have to believe it’s worth it in the end.
There was a time earlier in the year where it felt as though life were a chair lift.
Slowly, steadily, and easily moving up.
I was simply along for the beautiful, epic ride, up the giant mountain that was my life and my career.
Now, It seems as though I’ve gotten off.
I’m pushing through a foggy trek up the hill.
Only able to take on what I can see right before me.
One step at a time, slowly making it up the mountain.
Less able to see the beauty that surrounds me.
But, constantly aware that it exists beyond the fog.
There are always options to not keep walking.
I could stop and sit and wait.
Hope the fog clears on its own.
I could allow the fog to disorient me,
falling down the mountain injured and broken
at the bottom and further away from the goal.
I could also run full sprint back to the start.
Retreating from the unknown and back to what feels like safety.
But, I think we both know that’s not me.
I don’t think it’s any of us really.
We’re all fighters in our own way.
We just have different things that we’re fighting for.
Recently, I wrote a blog post about the things I value most.
The root of those are: Genuine and loving relationships, experiences, and happiness.
These are the things I’m working for.
The kind of life that breathes in and out love,
that takes in new experiences,
and seeks everyday to be happier and more aware of the good.
One foggy step at a time.
Now, here is my heart list for November.
What’s a heart list?
Read more about that here: 

1. Move houses.
2. Down-size my shoe collection.
3. Get drawn nude.
4. 1 week of not eating out.
5. Yoga at a studio at least twice.
6. Read 1 business book and 1 book for fun.
7. Finish a creative non-fiction piece.
8. Play tennis.
9. Write a letter.
10. Create a place of peace for myself.
What are your goals for November?

with love and transition,

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