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My New Years Resolutions!

New Years is my favorite Holiday. It’s like everything in my life exists for the sake of celebrating this time of year. I love reflecting and expressing gratitude while setting goals and looking forward to what’s next. It’s like my little planner self gets drunk on the spirit of this time of year.

I have a tradition and that’s to sit alone with my thoughts and a pen and write out what happened in the year prior, what I think worked and what I think didn’t work. Then, I set plans for the year ahead. 2015 treated me well. Here are some highlights for those interested. (For anyone not interested, just scroll to the next paragraph, I get it.)
-I fell madly in love with the worlds most handsome man.  (hey Oby!)
-I started working as the marketing coordinator for French Broad Chocolates
-I moved into my own apartment for the first time.
-I got bangs
-I fell in love with a 4 year old
-Started shooting product photography
-Began the Black & White Portrait Series
-Got a record player
-Did my first public speaking gig (oh hey Asheville Folk!)
-Went to Portland for 10 days by myself.
-Started Persona Creative (a media marketing agency with my business partner Tyler McCall)

It was a great year! In 2016 I’ve set my resolutions deep and intentionally. I have big plans for what personal success looks like for me and I can’t wait to see it realized this time next year!  For those that are curious, here are my New Years Resolutions for 2016:

-Take a self-portrait once a week.
-Begin writing a book.
-Take yourself out on inspirational dates.
-Eat-in more.
-Plan for health
-Waste less.
-Understand my money (what’s coming in & what’s going out)
-Be more kind, gracious & open.
-Be more honest (even if it’s awkward)
-Unplug Once weekly (no laptop & light phone use)
-Request and accept constructive criticism
-Encourage people behind their back.

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