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My Favorite Portland Eats.

I told you in my first Portland themed blog that I de-prioritized food on this trip. That’s true. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t eat some great meals while I was visiting.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Breakfast at Sweedeedee.

I almost didn’t visit this place, it was one of the last days when I asked my barista about a great breakfast spot and she mentioned Sweedeedee. It was already on my list of things to do from friends and so I decided this must be a good option and risked the 30 minute bus ride to check it out. I was not disappointed at all. In fact, it was one of the most memorable meals from my entire trip. (I also got the famous salted honey pie to-go which I didn’t regret at all)

and the pie…

2. Pierogis from the Food Carts

I went to Poland in 2006 where I had the best pierogis of my life. I’ve tried pierogi after pierogi hoping to taste something that even resembled what I had there. This is the closest that I’ve ever found and for $4.00 for 6! Now, I have new pierogis to wish I could eat again.

3. Piazza Italia

If you follow me on social media than you probably heard this story already. But, I’m gonna go ahead and tell it again.
It was one of my last nights in town and I wanted to take myself out for a nice romantic dinner. I wasn’t sure where I’d go, but, my friend Theresa insisted that I try Piazza Italia and at the fear of our lost friendship I walked over. The weather that night was perfect, not too chilly and not too warm. As I walked up I saw tables on the sidewalk and decided it was worth it for me to wait. I told the man at the entrance that I would happily wait a while for an outside table if that was possible. He told me no and I decided that would be fine, when he got up and got a table out just for me. He set me up a completely new table outside just so that I didn’t have to wait. I’m going to be honest, at this point, it wouldn’t have mattered what the food tasted like. But, I ordered Carbonara which I haven’t had outside of Italy and a glass of red wine. It was all complete perfection and this place will forever be the number one recommendation from me for the entire city of Portland.

4. Steam Buns from Boke Bowl. 

I had the miso mushroom, the pork belly & the beef brisket. (on the side there you’ll see pickled mushrooms) I wish I would have tried the pb&j or the fried chicken instead of the miso mushroom if I’m being honest. But, the pork belly and the beef brisket were phenomenal!

5. Tacos from the food carts.

I’m going to be honest, I have no idea which food cart this was from. But, I do know that it was near the Pierogi cart and that I got 2 tacos and a coke for less than $7.00. I took them to the park and watched people work out while I ate them… So, overall a win.

Honorable Mention

Ok, so this isn’t technically a meal. But, I have to take the time to praise Blue Star Donuts. The loveliest Megan at my hostel told me she thought these were the best donuts in portland. I tried donuts from Voodoo & Coco as well and there really isn’t anything as good as Blue Star. The donut below is a creme brûlée doughnut with a cointreau infusion.

M o r e   i n f o