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My Favorite Blog Posts of the Year! {2014 in Review}

Occasionally, I write something that feels more like therapy than work. Occasionally, I chicken out about promoting those pieces too much. Subsequently, many of my favorite posts have some of the lowest views. This year I decided to take the time to re-look back at some of the posts that meant the absolute most to me and share that part with you guys!

5. My Heart and Perceived Expectations. 

This post touches on the battle that I’ve fought internally. The one that says I have to be all things to all people in order to be a person of value.

4. Legacies. 

This was written after my grandmother’s funeral. A few thoughts on what I think our legacy really is.

3. To Change the World. 

Thoughts on sinking into exactly who you already are.

2. There’s this Song.

A recent one about wrestling with the journey of life, and opening a coffee shop, and a beautiful song.

1. I am Her and She is Me. 

Words on becoming one with who I’m going to be, who I am now, and how they can care for one another.

with love and 2014,


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