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Mornings, Models, and Saying No: This is the Good Life.

It’s been on my mind a lot lately to remain grateful for everything in my world. I think it’s easiest when you feel your heart aching to ask yourself what you could do to feel better. How you could improve yourself to make things lovelier. But, maybe the trick is simply in acknowledging all of the good things that already exist in your life. Just taking the time to breathe them in and admit that things are pretty damn good.

So, here we go.

1. Morning Time. 


There’s something that I love about being the only one awake in the morning. Not sharing the road with anyone else and enjoying the quiet. I think my highest concentration of gratitude exists in the morning. I’m so happy to start a new day, I love the mystery of what the day will hold, the anticipation. It’s also the perfect time for me to remember why I choose to live the way that I do. I’m able to reflect on this life shared with so many and the depths of my heart that are unseen by anyone else.

2. Co-workers.


{photo taken from the Odd’s Cafe’ facebook page}

I’ve worked for myself for so long. For myself and by myself. It’s an awesome experience to share duties, joys, frustrations, and time with other people everyday. Not to mention I work with a group of incredible people. Each one of them brings something great to my days and to my life overall. It’s  a totally different feeling to have a group of people that I not only work with but, I look forward to working with everyday.

3.Saying ‘no’


My resolution for the month of July was to start saying ‘no.’ I haven’t really done the best job if I’m being honest. However, attempting to keep it in mind and the times that I’ve been good about it has been really liberating. My free time has grown and my sense of self has as well. It also feels really good to not make excuses for why I’m not doing things, but, just stating it cleanly that I can’t or don’t want to.  It feels like an important step to being my most authentic self.

4. Positivity. 


{photo by Tonya Hurter Photography}

I have come to the conclusion that I will choose to surround myself with positive people. Not the inauthentic people who fake happiness when they’re really sad. But, rather, those who admit when things are tough and can still laugh about it. The kind of people who don’t expect others to maintain their emotional health and are deep down of the opinion that life and people are ultimately good. They believe life is meant to be lived and lived fully. The kind of people that chase their own happiness and through that bring joy to the lives of others.

5. Kathleen. 


Kathleen was a customer of mine at Odd’s. She’d seen my photo in the paper and asked if I was a model. Dear Kathleen, I think you may be confused about what models are. But, this week I’ve been feeling everything but lovely and that brought a smile to my face.

with love and the good life,


M o r e   i n f o