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MLNA: Day 2

After leaving Carl and his buddies yesterday I met another American living in Granada.
His name is Jeremy and he lives here and rents out property to tourists who are visiting.
He hooked me up with a taxi driver friend of his named Bosco.
Bosco picked me up from my hotel and gave me a ride from Granada to San Jorge.
Beyond being a taxi driver, Bosco plays competitive chess all over the world.
He also knows how to solve a Rubiks cube in under 3 minutes.
A skill which he taught me in Spanish, while driving the car…


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Once in San Jorge I catch the ferry to Ometepe.
I make my way to the top of the boat and situate myself into the cabin.
It feels like an old first class section to an antiquated airplane.
I’d begun to feel tired of being in transit.
At this point that has been the majority of my trip and it was growing old.
Not to mention the stale cabin, the 45 minute drive there, and the weird hamburger I’d just eaten had me feeling kind of queasy.

So I stepped out onto the front of the boat to get some fresh air.
Listening to the waves, feeling the wind on my skin, and watching the giant majestic volcanoes grow larger as we approached them reminded me how honored I am to be here.
I stayed outside on the front of the boat for the rest of the trip.
While out there I met an Aussie girl named Sarah.
She was traveling solo through central america and had connected with a group of other solo-travelers.

They were planning to get a taxi from the port to Santa Cruz and find hostels there.
She asked if I wanted to join them and I agreed to sharing a taxi.
I planned to catch another cab from Santa Cruz onto my hostel which was further in the mountains.
When we dropped Sarah and her traveling buddies off I listened as they made decisions together and became grateful that I was traveling alone.
The cab driver offered to take me on to Finca Magdelena where I had reservations for the night.

The drive was treacherous to say the least.
But, Kevin (my driver) and I had time to get to know each other.
Right when the road starts to go straight up we noticed two other cars stopped.
Kevin drove past them and then realized there was thick, deep mud on the road that was preventing cars from going any further.
He told me it was about a 10 minute walk to my hostel from there.
I decided that was fine and that I could manage my bags and the mud for ten minutes, so I told him he could go.

When I got out, he grabbed my bag and hoisted it above his head saying, “vamanos” (let’s go.)
He carried my 50lb back above his head in front of me as we navigated the mud in the dark.
Not far into the walk we both sank in the mud down to our shins and quickly realized this wasn’t going to work.
I told him that Santa Cruz will be fine for me and we make our way back to the van.
On the way out Kevin stops at a market and comes back with two beers. He opens them gives me a cheers and we drive on.

All of the hostels in Santa Cruz had been booked except for one and I grab the last room there.
It was dirty.
Not in the normal tropical island kind of way.
But, just dirty.
I figured it was one night and I’d be fine.
I just dropped my things off and made my way back downstairs where I found Kevin waiting for me.
He took me to his favorite restaurant for dinner and we had chicken with pickled vegetables and rice.

The table was right on the beach and he told me I should go swimming.
I put my feet in the water and we talked about our families.

After dinner I made my way back to the hostel to sleep.
Between the time I was gone and when I returned a thin layer of bugs had taken over the entire room. They were on everything.
They are these tiny little flies that come in swarms and look like clouds in the trees from above and now they had taken over my room.
I didn’t think to bring a mosquito net with me so I laid down to have them all over me.

I couldn’t sleep so I decided to sleep outside on one of the hammocks. At least outside the air would be moving so they’d be less likely to land on me.
It was cold outside so I wasn’t able to find rest there either but, at least I was relaxed.
I dozed off around 1am and got a couple of hours in before it started pouring rain at 3.
I made my way back inside and put myself inside of a dirty sheet cocoon until about 6am.

As soon as I woke up I packed my things and checked-out.
I was determined to go to Santo Domingo.
We drove through there on the way to Santa Cruz and something about it felt really drawing to me.
I went outside to catch the bus that never came.
30 minutes later a white van stops in front of me.
I grab a hold of my things and prepare to have to be tough when I realize that it’s Kevin!
He picks me up and gives me a ride to Santo Domingo for free and I settled into a nice hotel here that gave me a discount on the room because there weren’t any inexpensive options available.

I’ve heard rumors of a beautiful natural spring swimming hole that I’m going to find today!
Wish me luck.

Now, for the stream of photos…

(Road to Finca Magdele

na Treachory)
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(At the new hotel!)

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(My hostel last night. If you look closely and the hammock on the porch that I slept in.)

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(Bug life)

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(hammock situation…)

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(My room at my hostel last night)

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(In the cab after dropping off Sarah and friends)

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(coming into Ometepe)

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(solved Rubiks cube via Bosco’s instruction)

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(The ferry cabin)

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