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Measures of Worth.

Isn’t it strange the ways in which we measure worth?
How those things differ slightly person to person and gender to gender.

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Women should be pretty.
If not naturally beautiful {although that’s preferred} then we should be well-groomed at the very least.
We should dress for our body types and simultaneously be confident yet not have any idea how beautiful we are.

Be as flighty and irresponsible as you like.
But, don’t be ugly.

Be selfish and thoughtless but dress well.
Be poor and without ambition.
But, damn if she isn’t pretty.

For men, we value work ethic don’t we?
Financial status and ambition.
If you’re not wealthy, at least show that you have the potential to be.

You can be a jerk if you’re rich.
You can be ugly – stupid even and you won’t lose respect.
But, any of those without ambition or earning potential and all of the sudden you’re valued less.

A beautiful, intelligent, sex-god of a man minus ambition is the equivalent to a rich, funny, loving, ugly girl.

It’s all just too bad they aren’t pretty or it’s a shame he’s unemployed.

Where did this sense of worth develop?
Who was the decider?
At what point can we as a society call bullshit?

with love,


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