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Local Love: Top 10 Asheville Lunches Under $10.

You all know that Asheville is known for it’s culinary prowess. It’s emerged a strong competitor for larger cities and is still growing as I type! To pick the top ten places to eat here is impossible. The attempts at narrowing it down to lunch under $10 made it a bit more bearable, but, let’s be honest, there are going to be some places that we all LOVE that won’t make the list. With a plethora of culinary adventures, Asheville is impossible to rank. However, I’ve compiled my list of favorite lunches in Asheville for under $10. These are my favorites. It’s not a be-all-end-all list. By all means, please, share yours with us in the comments below!!

I’ve also chosen to go with specific meals, not just restaurants. Because, I want you all to try every single of these dishes. You won’t regret it!

**In no particular order**

Coconut Curry Rice Bowl {$6.99-$9.99}
Green Sage Cafe’
Downtown: 5 Broadway Street, Asheville, NC 28801 – 828.252.4450 – Open: 7am-6pm
Southe: 1800 Hendersonville Rd. Asheville, NC 28803 – 828-274-4450 – Open: 7am-8pm

This rice bowl is a medley of goodness. With your choice of roasted chicken, tempeh, or ground beef on a bed of brown rice, black beans, stir fry napa cabbage, carrots, peppers, kale, cashews, raisins, cilantro, and coconut curry sauce! It’s one of the most filling meals I’ve ever had. Get the small bowl for $6.99 and leave satisfied or get the large bowl for $9.99 and take some home for later!

Build your own Crepe or Chien Chaud {$5.00}
Creperie Bouchon

Creperie Bouchon is nestled behind the shops and bustle of Lexington Ave. It’s hidden away giving it a ‘secret garden’ kind of feel. The best time to go is when there’s a crisp in the air and you want to feel like you’ve stepped out of Asheville into some small European village.  I couldn’t choose between these two at Creperie Bouchon. Either build your own crepe’ or Chien Chaud for me! Building your own crepe’ starts at $5 and goes up from there as you add ingredients. You can add things like arugula, beets, bacon, goat cheese, and even duck confit. It’s the perfect fit to the classy courtyard atmosphere of this little Creperie. However, Chien Chaud is a magnificent buy. It’s a baguette with a hotdog and mustard, it also comes with frites {fancy french fries} and their delicious dipping sauce. All of that for $5. I just don’t understand it. You could get that and a dessert crepe’ and still only go over the $10 budget by $1! Just saying.









Buttermilk Fried Chicken {$8.00-$9.50}
North Asheville: 371 Merrimon Ave. Asheville, NC 28801 – 828.232.4340

Homegrown’s slogan is “Slow Food Right Quick.” There couldn’t be a better way to describe this little eatery on the Northside of downtown. It’s been formed inside of a non-descript house with little sign that you’re at a restaurant besides the heavenly scents wafting from the inside. Their giant blackboard menu changes every-single-day with new finds from local farms. But, the one constant is their Buttermilk Fried Chicken and mushroom gravy. It’s boneless, but, you’d never know with how incredibly juicy it is. For $8 you can enjoy this with one side and for $9.50 go ahead and grab a second side. For your sides I’d urge you to try the cheese grits and brussel sprouts!







Veggie Burger and Tots {$8.00}
Universal Joint
West Asheville: 784 Haywood Rd. Asheville, NC 28806 – 828.505.7262 – Open: m-th – 11:30am-1am fri-sat – 11:30am-2:00am sun- 12pm-12am

I may get some flack for this since Universal Joint started in Decatur, GA. However, it’s one of the best places to grab a bite when you are trying to choose with a large group. There’s always something for everyone. Also, being built into an old Pure station gives it a cool vibe and the outdoor patios are perfect for a nice afternoon lunch. Did I mention they have a great beer selection? When I go to UJ I either get the fish tacos, the veggie burger, or the chili-garlic shrimp salad. But, for the purpose of this post I’m going to advocate the veggie burger and tots. The patties are made in-house and have a delicious greek yogurt sauce on top. The tots are great, but, what makes them special, is that I order the sunset dip on the side! {Sunset dip is their queso that they serve as an appetizer, but, the waiters are usual awesome enough to give it to you with your tots.} The prices aren’t up on their website and I don’t have the best memory, but, I’m 90% sure there’s nothing there over $10.








Beef Burger with Worx Sauce {$6.00}
Burger Worx
Downtown: 1 Page Ave. Suite 270 Asheville, NC – 828.253.2333 – Open: 11am-9pm

Burger Worx is located inside the Grove Arcade. It’s particularly nice if you are looking for something cheap and easy. Just walk in, fill out your order on one of their forms and get out of their with all of your food in a paper bag. Yes, it’s a greasy spot. The atmosphere may be trendy, but, the food is not hip. It’s burgers and fries at their finest. However, with burgers starting at just $4 and a ‘small’ fry for only $1.99 you are set! Make sure you get the worx sauce on your burger, it’s kind of magical.







Pulled Pork Sandwich {$6.50}
West Asheville: 401 Haywood Rd. Asheville, NC 28806 – 828.505.7929 – OPEN: 11:30am-1am

WALK is kind of a new comer in town. With their completely open front end and awesome bar selection, they’ve quickly become a favorite. To be honest, I’ve eaten tacos every time I’ve gone there. However, the other day Kyle ordered the pork sandwich and I took a bite. It was rockin’! It’s not your typical barbeque sandwich. It’s pulled pork topped with chipotle slaw that will blow your mind. I’d get either sweet potato tots or sauteed kale for my side. You can even add chips and salsa as an appetizer without going over your $10 limit! Another great option for this spot is TACO TUESDAYS! You heard me, a day dedicated to tacos! Each taco is only $1.50 and you can mix and match however you’d like!! I’d recommend hitting that up by getting 3 tacos at $4.50 and adding chips and queso for $4.00! Still topping you out at only $8.50!









Fried Pork Sandwich {$10}
Downtown: 48 College Street Asheville, NC – 828.254.8980 – OPEN: 11:30am-2pm also 5:30pm-10:00pm

Table is known for being one of the best restaurants in town. It’s also known for being one of the priciest. So, I can imagine your surprise when you see on my list of places to eat for less than $10. However, their lunch menu has a myriad of options every day under that amount! woot woot! However, their menu does change every single day. The best thing I’ve ever eaten there is a friend pork sandwich with a side of greens. Simple enough, but, it blew my mind. So many complex flavors! Hitting right at $10 you won’t be disappointed!







Indian Lunch Buffet {$8.95}
Downtown: 70 North Lexington Ave. Asheville, NC – 828-225-8880 – OPEN: 11:30-2:30pm also 5:30pm-9:30pm

Mela is hands down my favorite restaurant in town. It’s nice and airy with large open windows, it’s comfortable and classy at the same time, and the food is delightful. Did I mention that you can get their lunch buffet for only $8.95? It changes everyday and always has enough options to please everyone. I’m also a fan that they serve incredible iced chai. If you want to get a chai, soda, or beer with your lunch buffet, it bumps it up to just $11.








The TAP Burger {$10}
The Asheville Public
River Arts District: 175 Clingman Ave. Asheville, NC – 828.505.1720 – OPEN: lunch served from 11:30-2:30pm

The Asheville Public is one of our newest gems. The atmosphere is ‘soo Asheville’ and the food is solid. You could try the curry meatloaf, the reuben, or the mind-blowing turkey sandwich. But, this is just a solid burger. Juicy, thick, and cooked to perfection. Served with fries and large enough to share. I’d encourage you to attempt a visit when they have the $10 burger and beer special. That’s where it’s at!









Lump Crab, Thai Peanut Chicken, and Bangkok Shrimp Tacos!
White Duck Taco Shop
River Arts District: 1 Roberts St. Suite 101 Asheville, NC – 828-258-1660 – OPEN: 11:30-9pm

I don’t think any of you are surprise to see this on here. White Duck has possibly the best tacos in town and some of the most interesting tacos I’ve ever had. With flavors ranging from lump grab to Duck with mole sauce, there’s something there you will like. There’s also something there you will want to experiment with. For only $3.25 each I’d say try one of both! Get the chips and queso to share for $3 and still come in under our $10 limit. The only thing missing from our favorite taco shop is margaritas! I keep hoping that they’re coming. But, they do a good job of making up for it with their house-made sangria that has everyone raving.

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