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Like a Lighthouse on the Horizon… {Asheville, NC Boudoir Photographer}

Something that I have been learning about myself is how tricky it is for me to make a set of priorities. I put equal pressure on all areas of my life. Which means everything in my life feels like a life or death matter. I also would really rather no one ever be disappointed with me. Ever.

That pressure has made it very difficult as my life starts to get busier.  I have to allow some things to fall to the wayside. A fact that I’d rather not have to admit to myself. Up until this point, the things I’ve allowed to slack were my alone time, personal e-mails/phone calls, and rest.

Like a lighthouse on the horizon I can see the burnout. In an attempt to navigate myself away from that destination, I came up with a few filter questions.

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The plan is to run every difficult decision or potential obligation through this list of filter questions. After answering them, if I still feel like it’s a good idea, than I will allow myself to commit. Otherwise, it’s gonna be a lot of ‘no thank you’s’ coming from this gal.

Here are the filter questions I came up with:

-Is it beneficial to your health in anyway?
-Will it make your life simpler?
-Is it a particularly kind thing to do?
-Will it make you happy?
-Will it aid in your personal success or the success of your business?
-Is it worth it just for the experience?
-Will you regret NOT doing it?

Those are the questions that work best for me. They may give a glimpse into a very raw version of my priorities as well. But, I can already feel the relief.

Do you have filter questions? Should you?

Share one with me would ya?

with love and no thank you,


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