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Insecurity Series Part I! {Asheville, NC Self-Portrait Photographer}

For those who don’t know what on Earth I’m talking about, you can get updated here. 

This month I’ve been taking self-portraits of different random insecurities that I hold.
This is in an attempt to make them feel less powerful and almost to poke fun at them.

When I started the process I knew that I wanted to do something that held me accountable. I decided to create a facebook album and to share them from there onto instagram and the blog occasionally. I quickly got freaked out by sharing them on facebook. When I noticed people were actually seeing them I got nervous. The vast scenarios that could cause people to hate me because of this project began ringing in my ears.

Then I realized, well, that’s the point.

The whole point is for me to let go of the concern I hold for other’s opinions.
So, I’ll keep going and I suppose I’ll keep posting.

Here’s how it’s been:


Alien (1 of 1)

I hoped that this project would help  me to release the weight that the opinions of others holds on me.
I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly.
As I began taking these photos it’s almost immediate that I learned just how silly it all is.
How meaningless it is to believe these things.
That even if people have these thoughts about me it doesn’t matter.

It feels good to let them go one by one by one.
Slowly but steadily and surely.


Boy (1 of 1)


Librarian (1 of 1)

Phone face. 

Phone face. (1 of 1)


Thanks everyone who has shared in this journey so far! It’s gone from exciting to scary to relieving to scary again quite quickly.
I am enjoying learning so much about myself in the process and I hope to share more of that as the project continues!

with love and insecurities,


Ashley Hill - May 13, 2014 - 2:34 pm

I love what you are doing sara so thank you for everything you have shared with us.

Jennifer Mulkerrin - May 14, 2014 - 12:16 am

Love your bravery!

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