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I Have Struggled With My Appearance Since I was 10 Years Old… {Asheville, NC Boudoir Photographer}

When I began building my new website, I knew I wanted the voice of my clients to be heard. I have photographed some of the most amazing women. You have no idea! Them and their stories have meant so much to me. I couldn’t think of anything I’d want more than for all of them to have a place on my website. With that in mind. I’ve decided to also take the time to share their words here with you. They blew me away with their kindness and their way with words.

I am so blessed to know all of these women and to share their stories with you!


Short, shy, chubby, and bookish, I have struggled with my appearance since I was ten years old.  Amongst friends and family, I have always preferred to be the photograph taker instead of the subject. When my friend/colleague told me that she was going to surprise her now-husband with boudoir photos, and that perhaps my now-husband would enjoy my boudoir pictures, my initial thought was “What a wonderful and unique gift idea; if I looked half as beautiful as you, I might consider doing that too.”  With that epiphany, I realized that it might be time to change my perspective a bit and thought Ms. Sarajane might be just the person I needed to meet.
Our initial phone consultation was wonderful; I felt like we connected instantly and that she would be able to capture the “inside me” that always hides under the cloak of “outside me.”  We eagerly discussed ideas and outfits, makeup and props. Before Picture Day, I received her kind surprise in the mail and became even more excited to do the shoot.  I distinctly remember giggling and knew this was going to be a great experience.
Photo shoot day, I was nervous and a bit emotional.  A few tears even fell down my cheek as my insecurities began to take hold.  An internal resolve to see the “me” that my now-husband swore he saw since the day we met, coupled with fun music, Sarajane’s infectious laugh, and her gentle guidance and encouragement turned everything around and gave me one of the most amazing, insightful experiences I’ve known.
Sarajane is a talented photographer when it comes to the mechanics of light, shadow, focus, and all sorts of other “things” of which I am not aware.  More importantly, she is extraordinary in awakening the essence, personality, and light from within her subjects, drawing it outward, and capturing it on film.  The photographs (end result) were spectacular, but even more impressive was the ability of Sarajane to take the subject (me) and help me see myself in a way that I haven’t seen myself in years.  The unique gift intended for my husband turned out to be an even more amazing (and unexpected) gift for me.
Thank you, Sarajane.
Donna Dobbins McCall - August 9, 2013 - 9:08 pm

Yep! It’s true. Our husbands already see us as extraordinary creatures… Sarajane captures it so you can see for yourself. Pretty neat stuff.

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