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How I Dress for a Flight.

You may know by now that Kyle and I will be hopping on a flight to Panama Saturday. I’m the kind of person who has a system for everything. I like to plan in advance and be prepared for the unexpected. The theory I’ve adapted is if I plan enough than the more free spirited I can be. Makes sense right?

Those neurotic tendencies have spilled over into my travel attire. I strategically choose what to wear when I fly. I decided to go ahead and break it down for you.

Typically, I choose between a dress or leggings. For this post and what I’ll be wearing this weekend, I’m going with leggings. I’m choosing between these two for the obvious reason that they’re comfortable and easy to stay in for hours.

Our flight on Saturday is 2 hours, a 10 hour lay over, and then 3 more hours. That’s 15 hours of travel time. I’m definitely trying to wear something comfortable!


The other thing I always try to remember is to look nice. I know it’s tempting to wear your jammies on a flight. I get that. However, we’re not in high school anymore. I for one have a business to represent. You never know when someone you meet could be a future client. Everything I do is a reflection of my work. I want to maintain a professional appearance as well as I can. Also, in 2007 I was taking my first flight alone. So, I did all of this research for things to know when you fly. The thing I remember most from that article is that you are more likely to be upgraded to first class if you dress nicely. Noted!

The other reason I always try to dress nice is because this one time, I wore basketball shorts and a hoodie on a flight to NYC. It was my first trip there and I had these dreams of feeling like Carrie Bradshaw, twirling in dresses, and eating at the best restaurants. However, we arrived around 9am and couldn’t check into our hotel until 3pm. That means my first 5 hours in New York City were spent in basketball shorts and a hoodie. My dreams of Carrie-dum were seriously looking glim.

Now, I always try to wear something that is both comfortable and nice at the same time.


I add the cardigan because it’s usually cold on a flight. But, the layers allow me to adjust to temperature changes. The belt is added for an extra dimension. Making it a bit dressier and creating some shape in the outfit.

I also typically wear my hair in a top knot. This is the best for me because I can rest my head back without it digging into my head. I think the earrings give it a dressier feel even though I’m wearing glorified yoga pants.


The shoes are a big deal. I make sure to always wear something comfortable enough to walk in all day. But, also easy to slip off while going through security. No one wants to be ‘that person’ who wore lace up boots and didn’t think to start taking them off until they got to the front of the line.

Now, the real secret to this post is in my scarf. It’s an airplane blanket.


I bought it 3 years ago on the way to our honeymoon. I was so cold in the airport and it saved the day. Now, I always wear it as a scarf both on flights and to the movies.





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