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Grounded July.

A woman stops me on the street to read me a poem.
A poem by Czeslaw Milosz.
I could chose any that I liked. I chose, “love.”

“Love means to look at yourself the way one looks at distant things.
For you are only one thing among many…”

His words streamed from her mouth.
Rich, thick-like agave.
They were weighted with wisdom and authority.

I complimented the poem and the woman responded, “You can see why he’s well respected.”
I blushed at my naivete.
Of course the poem is good.

But it spoke to me, pierced me at my gut.



I need more alone time than most people.
Certainly more than most extroverts.
While being around people is energizing for me-it’s equally necessary for me to feel grounded.
To not question who owns my time.

Each day must belong to me.

With that in mind I have decided that the month of July will be focused on just that.

I’m going to start saying ‘no.’
I’m going to say ‘no’ to a lot of things.
Even things that are tempting.
Anything that I don’t see a direct positive result from will be turned down.

I will also we writing myself a letter everyday reminding me of what I feel good about with my life and the things I’d like to change.

Hopefully this combination of creating time for myself and deep reflection will result in a more grounded/actualized Sarajane.


with love,


M o r e   i n f o