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Financial February. {Asheville, NC Boudoir Photography}

Today I was asked if I was a perfectionist.

Normally, I would answer that question so fast your head would spin. YES!
I work so hard to make every detail fit into this mold that I’ve created in my mind.
So much so that I’ve created an impossible set of expectations and often get daunted by tasks that could be simple.
Should be simple.

But, today my answer was a nice ramble.
I quickly realized that I don’t even feel worthy of that title right now.
That nothing in my life feels close to perfection.
So much so that I feel like an impostor to admit that I want things to be perfect.
I know, it’s neurotic.

With that in mind, I’ve begun to evaluate how I did on my resolution last month.
Trying to not analyze it TO DEATH and allowing myself the freedom to be graceful I believe this system I’ve created for resolutions really is a great thing for me.


For those of you who don’t remember my resolution plan you can read about it here! 

Basically, one new thing every month to create small habits that I want to cultivate in my life.

Last month I wanted to live fearlessly, to not question standing up for what I want.
To not wear mascara or go on dates.
To ultimately focus on creating a space where I ask myself what I want first.

I succeeded in not wearing mascara all month {I allowed myself the night of my birthday party} and not going on dates.
It was nice to approach relationships with very little expectation or fears.
Not wearing mascara was a really nice physical reminder of my internal roots.

I honestly feel like it allowed me to gain a new sense of confidence that I haven’t had in a while.
Something deeper than my physical form. But, knowing that my core is to be good and kind.

I worked the best that I could to figure out who I am and what I want.
What I discovered is that it’s very difficult to do that when I keep changing my mind.


For the month of February:

I’ve decided to focus on my finances.
To create a solid budget for myself and to create habits that will help me to save for things I want in the future.

The physical reminder will be that I intend to not spend any money.
Except on groceries and gas.
I’m toying with the idea of giving myself a $5 stipend a week.
But, otherwise, I’m operating on a $0.00 budget for the month.

Hopefully, this doesn’t look like me holed up in my house and sad.
Hopefully, this looks like me getting really creative with how I spend my time!

Any creative suggestions for $0.00 fun?

with love and february,


Katelyn Mattox - January 31, 2014 - 10:37 pm

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