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Dear Sarajane.

As part of my resolutions this month I agreed to write myself a letter everyday. I wanted to treat it like a really honest love letter. Praising myself but also admitting my weaknesses. I never intended to share these. But, as I re-read a few of them I decided to share. Mainly because I’ve found out that we all have more in common than I’d ever imagined and I learned that from sharing.

So, here we go.


Dear Sarajane,

I know that you fear thinking too highly of yourself. But, you also need to realize that you underestimate yourself at every turn.
You assume that society sees you as useless and undesirable, because of your body type.

You allow that to paint your interactions with people.
I want for you to see how incredibly capable you are.

You’re intelligent, athletic, adaptable, approachable, and kind.
And, you’re fat.

You’re all of those things together.
Not, those things under the fat umbrella.

You’re not delightful in spite of being fat.
You’re simply delightful.

and fat.

Stop assuming a lack of interest that a person may have in you.
You are worthy of love.

Not just companionship.
But, riveting, playful, passionate love.

You deserve to be told that you’re beautiful.
But, not just beautiful.
Interesting too.
You deserve to be listened to.
For someone to be curious about you.

Stop bending to the will of men.
They don’t all need to be happy with you.

It’ll feel good when you start to tell them ‘no.’
And, you should tell all of them ‘no.’
Unless you’re excited by them or they bring fulfillment or joy to you in some way.

You deserve to be excited and intrigued.
You are more than you realize.
But, no more than anyone else.

with love,



Lindsay Lee - July 10, 2014 - 8:29 pm

This is perfect timing for me. Thank you for sharing.

Melanie Yow - July 11, 2014 - 1:13 pm

I do love you so. Here’s to being brilliant and beautiful and funny and interesting and utterly lovely (and fat). <3
(sometimes just saying it out loud takes all the power out of it, doesn't it?)

Gina Luker - July 26, 2014 - 1:17 pm

Dear Sarajane,
I’ve been stalking (I mean reading) your blog for a while now. I follow so few blogs I can count them all on one hand, but yours captivates me. Besides reading to see a glimpse inside your beautiful mind, I also follow you on IG – because as a plus size girl it’s refreshing to see someone who is classy yet trendy all at the same time. I admire you so much! Just wanted to let you know there are others who see you as beautiful as you truly are!!!

M o r e   i n f o