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Dear Sarajane…

On my birthday I was having some heart aches.
I was feeling uncertain of my place and unable to live up to my own expectations.

I decided that was bullshit.
So, I wrote myself a love letter.
I didn’t intend to share, however, it ended up being quite therapeutic for me.
So, sharing my own is my quiet plea for you to write one for yourself.
This world is harsh and people can be rough with our hearts.
I hope you take some time today to tell yourself that you are so very worthy of everything good in the world.
Because, you are.

Dear Sarajane,

I’ve been neglecting you.
More so, I’ve set unrealistic expectations for who you should be.
I’ve told you that you must be perfect to be loved by me.

You must be good at everything, you must be smart, kind, clever, athletic, healthy, engaging, talented, aware of the needs of others, kind, selfless, self-aware, and humble.
But, you must never lose sight of your value while also never thinking too highly of yourself.

I’ve set you up to always let me down and for that, I am so deeply sorry.

The truth is, you deserve more than that.
You deserve to simply exist.
To be valued at the core of who you are, to feel free to let go.

You’re valuable without having to prove it to me.
Your place on this Earth is so richly important and your genuine desire for everyone to feel the same is part of what makes you special.

Your soul dances on a special frequency.
One that’s grounded and genuine while also light and open.

You carry a light within you that is rich and penetrating.
Even on your poorest days, you strive to engage and care for people.

You radiate warmth and acceptance, sometimes, more than you’d like.
Even when you feel like your worst self, people long to meet you.

You ache for the happiness of others and you’d give everything you had to make even the cruelest of strangers smile for a moment.
You’re grateful too.
Everyday you think of another reason to be appreciative, even when life shouldn’t logically be appreciated.
Even when people or the universe are cruel.
You thank them.

I wish you would release yourself of guilt.
Sometimes, we as people are careless.
You’d never fault anyone else for their carelessness so I promise to try my best to not fault you at yours.

I am scared to write you about your physical features.
It’s difficult to do so objectively.
But, you have to trust that you are beautiful.
You have to know that beauty on the outside is built out of a foundation of beauty on the inside.
You have to trust that you are beautiful.

You don’t have to be anything.
But, here are a few things that you are:

-quick witted
-easy-going and structured at the same time
-a good listener

You are love to the core of you.
Your eyes were made to stare into and your body is built to share comfort.

You will do an amazing job at everything you do, because, you will never settle for less than that.
You will love and you are worthy of it all.

Keep looking people in the eyes, they need to see how you view them.
Never believe that you  have to be more than you already are.
You are so much already.

with love,

M o r e   i n f o