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Daring December.

Right now my head is foggy, my nose is running, and it feels like there is a layer of cotton behind my forehead. So, forgive me if this post is ramble-y or nonsensical.

But, it is time for me to chat about last month’s resolution and to tell ya what I’m planning for the month of December.

Last month I resolved to be more present. To write every single day about a solitary moment and to post an image about something I’m grateful for. Many of you followed this process on social media and some even participated with me. Thanks!

I did a great job of sticking to the resolution everyday, until I went to Nicaragua. While I was traveling, I didn’t continue for two reasons: 1. I was writing and photographing so much already and 2. I was already sharing so much on social media that I didn’t want to be overwhelming.

But, for the rest of the month it was a great experience. Something that allowed me to ground myself every single day and to remind myself of all of the beautiful things that exist in my world, both big and small.

For December…


My December resolution is to chase my dreams.
It’s the last month of my year of resolutions so I wanted to end it with something scary.

Something to push myself out of my comfort zone, something to make all of this worth the hard work and dedication of improving upon a different aspect of my life every single month.

So, my physical reminder is to send out something every single day to be published.
By the end of the month I plan to have my book proposal finished or at least extremely close to finished.

Basically, December is going to be quite scary and intimidating for me.
But, totally worth it.

with love,


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