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City Love: San Juan, PR

We are back in the states now and I’m missing that warm Puerto Rican sun! It’s a huge 50 degree difference between here and there!  I’m thinking a trip to the Caribbean every December is a good idea!  As we realize more and more that we are going to be traveling everday next year and more and more throughout our lives, me and Kyle have come to the conclusion that we need to find a way to stay rested! We’ve developed what is called ‘Sleep Days’. These are mainly scheduled for the day we arrive in a new place, and the day after we get back from a trip. Basically, we just sleep the entire day or as much as we can. No work is allowed to be done and probably we’ll watch movies and eat cookies or something similar. We decided to do this because the last few times we’ve traveled we’ve stayed exhausted for the majority of our trip and couldn’t enjoy ourselves and then we came back less rested than we were before. So, to preserve our health and to make sure traveling stays fun, we’ve created sleep days!

We enjoyed our first sleep day yesterday and it was a success! I’m so not good at rested really, but, I did a good job yesterday and woke up today ready to get back to work. Maybe one day I’ll actually not think about working the entire day that i should be sleeping. we’ll see.

For now, here are some photos from our day trip to San Juan, PR. We drove up there with Tyler and our friend Vivi. We literally drove a circle around the entire island!


On the way to San Juan we stopped at this awesome spot and saw this beautiful beach! I loved it! The statue to the right has been there forever. It was apparently carved by some indigenous people. Pretty dang cool.

The colors here are for real, they are not photoshopped folks! Puerto Rico is legit!

Tyler and Vivi!

My sweet husband enjoying the water!

We fell in love with all of the colorful buildings in San Juan! The building to the left is my favorite that we saw and is the colors of me and Kyle’s house one day!

One of my favorite things about PR was that everytime I ordered a drink to go they bagged it up for me. Usually I don’t like using bags in I don’t have to. I’ve been known to carry ridiculous amounts of groceries to my car without a bag just to avoid getting one. But, this was just so sweet to me that I had to let them do it everytime.

Overlooking the most dangerous part of San Juan. Even the scary parts of PR are BEAUTIFUL!

I think buildings that are falling apart are way more attractive then the brand new!

The view from the bathroom in the fort we were exploring.

Brothers and best friends! Two of my favorite boys in the world!

Malta! A strange non-alcoholic beverage made from beer hopps. I swear it tastes like bubbly pumpkin pie.

with love and a big coat,


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