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City Love: San Francisco, CA.

I love reading books that take place in the city that I’m traveling in. I read Eat, Pray, Love while we were in Italy and in San Francisco, as I was traveling through the streets, Jack Kerouac was traveling there with me. It does a personality like mine a lot of favors. I tend to not be where I am, ever. I’m always planning something else, to read about Jack traveling the streets I’m looking at, it makes me live in the moment. Embrace the present.

First of all, let’s talk about Philz Coffee…

Our friend Ren told me about this place and I’m so thankful. It’s a local chain that started out with a man and his son who created their own blends. They only serve coffee brewed one cup at a time. There’s no espresso but they’ll make you their own version of a latte if you like. I went twice while we were in town because I enjoyed it so much I forsook the option for variety. The first day I got a dark blend which they asked if I wanted it without sugar or how sweet I’d like it. They added my sugar and cream for me (I seriously only got sugar and cream because I thought the process was fun. ha.) The second day I got an iced coffee in which they put mint leaves! I love those little touches. Philz is a recommendation I would make over and over. It’s an awesome concept and I think they executed it well!

After Philz I made friends with this guy.

I’m not big on doing the touristy things. I tolerate them if they’re important to Kyle but, if it were just me, I would avoid every last bit of them. But, I desperately wanted to ride the trolley! We waited in line, talking to a lovely couple from Chicago, for an hour and half to ride the trolley a block and see people grab it from a stop there immediately. Lame. But, worth the experience, I think.

We also saw this guy. too cute.

I loved the streets and houses in San Francisco.


I was excited to visit Chinatown. We had the best chinese food of my entire life!

We ventured up to Twin Peaks and enjoyed the view of the city! If we lived there I’m pretty sure we’d be up there everyday! It’s so pretty!

On our way out of town we visited the bridge. duh.

Our drive from San Francisco to our next stop in California was very beautiful!

with love and the golden city,


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