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City Love: Charleston, SC

Hello friends! Well, we’ve been on this trip for 10 days now and we’re in our third state. We came into Savannah, GA last night and stayed with a wonderful lady named Nancy. We’ll be here for a couple more days with our friend Vickery’s sister and husband. It’s nice and rainy here so we haven’t seen a lot so far. Just hanging out at the Sentient Bean, editing photos and drinking coffee. (surprise surprise)

We had a lovely weekend in Charleston. We were able to catch up with some great people. We saw ate great seafood, perused a local bookstore, drank a lot of great coffee, smoked a little hookah, danced the night away and partook in more than our fair share of great conversation and laughter. I adore the people we met and spent time with while we were there, it’s rare to find intelligent, honest, and fun loving people who you just feel comfortable with. I thought I’d post a couple of photos from Charleston for your viewing pleasure.

I love a good picture of a bike.

The cat inside the Blue Bicycle bookstore. I want her life.

Get used to seeing a lot of coffee shop pictures! There will be a million more : )

This place is called Hope and Union. It’s got one of the best atmospheres I’ve experienced. It’s light and rustic, but, modern at the same time. It’s in an old Charleston house with only a small sign that says “coffee” to set it apart as a coffee shop. They serve Stumptown and Intelligentsia beans which are legit quality beans. While we were in Charleston we also visited City Lights which was nice, but, a little small and not as user friendly for non-regulars. I’ve also visited Kuduin the past and it’s a great place if you’re looking for something different.

I want this to be my reading nook.


with love and great times with good friends,


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