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Circumstances and Roots. {Asheville, NC Photographer}

Learning to enjoy the little moments in life is a constant theme. I’m always working on teaching myself the habit of stopping, looking around, and breathing it all in. Things in life aren’t always easy. Sometimes, we work for things that don’t come to fruition. Sometimes, it feels like the world is working against us. Sometimes, it can feel like we’re working against ourselves.


It’s such a real thing to feel like things just aren’t going according to planned.
But, I’ve been able to take brief moments of breath. Moments where I can look past the circumstances and on to the rooted parts of life.
Realizing that my life is rooted in love and in grace.
That my starting points were built upon understanding that we are all human.
That we all make mistakes.
That even though we may not realize it, we’re all capable of screwing up and creating amazing things at the same time.

Finding small ways to disconnect from the daily challenges of living and re-connect to the rooted pieces of our existence is something that I am learning to do on a daily basis.

Because, these circumstances will only be there for so long. But, the positive way we live our lives and the way we impact other people.
That’s what moves throughout the earth for ages to come.

with love,


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