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You’re Probably Not Selfish.

Selfish. As a society we love to throw that word around when someone does something that doesn’t give us what weView full post »

The Top 5 Reasons We Should All Be Done With “The Hustle.”

The word is everywhere. “Good things come to those who hustle.” “Hustle until you no longer have toView full post »

On Finding Joy in Routine.

I’ve always thrived with a bit of routine. I like knowing that I’m aware of everything I need to get done,View full post »

Why Choose Life Consulting Anyway?

I’m constantly in conversation with myself. Asking the tough questions or asking the easy questions over and overView full post »

Make The Most of Your To-Do List! ( A Vantage Blog )

Do you ever find yourself in the weeds with your to-do list?View full post »

How to Guarantee You Won’t Get What You Want. ( A Vantage Blog )

Have you ever had something in your mind that you wanted, but, it just seemed like it will be so hard to get it. ThatView full post »

Dreams are Like Parking Spaces. ( A Vantage Blog )

I always get good parking spaces. I’m talking prime spots right near the entrance, right beside the place whereView full post »

The Fine Art of Getting Things Done. ( A Vantage Blog )

There’s  a magic in time management, an art to making the most out of a given day. I do my best to not getView full post »

On Priorities. ( A Vantage Blog)

Hi there lovelies. Today I’m introducing you to Vantage Blogs. If you’ve spent some time around here thenView full post »

Introducing Vantage by Sarajane Case.

I’ve been transitioning this blog for some time. It’s been an outlet for me to share almost every aspect ofView full post »

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