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Reykjavik City Guide

Over coffee one brisk but sunny afternoon my friend/business partner Tyler told me that flying to Iceland isView full post »

On Ghosts.

I crossed the street from the cafe’ to my car and I felt Nicaragua on my back. The places that I’ve traveledView full post »

On Taking a Creative Work Retreat.

I think of creative movement as a breaking open. It’s the opportunity to remove pieces of your generic shell andView full post »

My Favorite Portland Eats.

I told you in my first Portland themed blog that I de-prioritized food on this trip. That’s true. However, thatView full post »

My Favorite Portland Coffee Shops!

Well, I think we all saw this one coming. I’m a coffee nerd. An evangelist for a great cappuccino, a sucker forView full post »

8 things I did differently this trip.

I’m hoping over the next 1-2 weeks to do a series of posts about Portland, so I’ll be sharing on here moreView full post »

5 Things I Learned from Being a Tourist in my Hometown.

I have to admit that I haven’t always had the best relationship with tourists. Our dynamic takes the darkest turnView full post »

The unquenchable thirst for exploration.

I have a deep and unquenchable thirst for exploration. Yes, of the world. But, more so, the depths of living life.View full post »

Magic in the Rain.

We walked out of our hostel just as the sky began to weep. It was our first day in Paris and we were weary from a longView full post »

What I Learned In Nicaragua.

My time in Nicaragua afforded me the luxury of a significant amount of self-reflection. It also allowed me to re-View full post »

MLNA: Day 5

I have been creating a lot of content since I’ve been here, particularly in Granada. I have a lot of time toView full post »

The Photo.

This is the photo I want to be remembered by. You know how our parents and our grandparents all have the one photo thatView full post »

MLNA: Day Four

Good Morning! I sat down to write last night, afraid that I’d forget things, but, I fell asleep with my hands onView full post »

MLNA: Day 2

After leaving Carl and his buddies yesterday I met another American living in Granada. His name is Jeremy and he livesView full post »

My Little Nicaraguan Adventure: Day One.

My travel day started yesterday when my sweetheart of a brother picked me up at 9am, took me for coffee, and drove me toView full post »

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