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Category Archives: The Evolution Series

On perfection and letting go.

For the first time in my life, I’ve had a loss of interest in perfection.View full post »

On Confidence and Beauty. ( The Evolution Series )

I’ve hit this strange place in my life where I no longer feel like the young cute girl at the party. My wisdom hasView full post »

On People Watching.

If I stare at anyone long enough I swear I could fall in love with them. I love the way people look when they don’View full post »

On Self-Doubt & Partnership.

I took a hiatus from the blog for a few weeks while I traveled. Thanks for understanding the need for rest. This isView full post »

On Living Alone. (The Evolution Series: Week 14)

I’ve been telling people that this is the only time that I’ve lived alone. I guess it technically is, otherView full post »

On building foundations.

Over the past 7 years I’ve found myself working with people all over the southeast. I’ve spent time in a lotView full post »

I want to see you. ( The Evolution Series: Week 12)

It’s been a while since I’ve written. This is probably the longest this blog has heard crickets since itView full post »

On Sex and Desire. ( The Evolution Series: Week 11 )

A dear friend recently encouraged me to write some erotica. It came in an e-mail reminding me that men haveView full post »

On Existing. ( The Evolution Series: Week 10 )

I think it’s funny how our bare faces have become a novelty. Like I’m being brave by showing you mine.View full post »

On Divorce. ( The Evolution Series: Week 9 )

I watched an old video of us today. I cringed at the sound of your voice because it was once the most important thing inView full post »

On Gratitude. ( The Evolution Series: Week 8 )

I’ve been bathing in the waters of gratitude lately. Doing my best to take steps deeper into the warmth that livesView full post »

On the Water. ( The Evolution Series: Week 7 )

I’ve written before about the way I feel about the water. The way that it tugs to me, how I run there when I needView full post »

On Falling in Love. (The Evolution Series: Week 6)

Before I even had a menstrual cycle I can remember being a sexual person.View full post »

On Re-Learning the Basics. (Evolution Series: Week 5)

I’m reminded this morning of the need to care for myself. For me right now, that feels like giving to my heart soView full post »

On Turning 30. (The Evolution Series: Week 4)

Today is my 30th birthday. Part of me feels ready for it. Like, I’ve been waiting to turn 30 my entire life.View full post »

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