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Winter is Here.

I ran to the top of the tower. For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to see the tops of buildings andView full post »

Why I will not tell you how to respond to the election.

I sat at a table last night with 5 of my dearest friends. We cooked for each other and shared our frustration with theView full post »

On Partnerships and Asking for Help.

I laid in my bed, staring at the clock as it struck 2am. The tension built in my body, my shoulders tightened, my legsView full post »

On Learning How to Be a Parent.

I was 5 years old and my mom had made snacks for a few of the kids in the trailer park. As one of the girls wentView full post »

On Feminism and Sexy Selfies: Why I don’t Think Your Nudes are Pro-Women.

I once took an image like this in a round mirror. Instead of my face it was my bare form in the captured reflection. AtView full post »

On Minimalism.

Last summer I moved into my own apartment. It was the first real time that I’d lived alone and I was overjoyed atView full post »

On The Illusion of Luck.

It’s not uncommon for me to tell someone about the things happening in my life only to hear them say, “man,View full post »

On Working During Vacation.

I’m was on vacation last week. Well, it was more of a staycation really. I was home but, not technically workingView full post »

On The Big Plan and Stalling Your Dreams. (The Evolution Series)

When I was in elementary school I used to write short stories. The only thing I can really remember from any of them isView full post »

On Getting Back to Myself. ( The Evolution Series )

I finished my workday feeling fine. It had been a relatively productive day and ultimately I knew what was expected ofView full post »

On a Season of Observation. ( The Evolution Series )

Lately, I’ve been in a phase of observation. Which, is really quite new for me. I’m a person of action. OneView full post »

On an Engaged Life. ( The Evolution Series )

I feel as though I’m working through some big things in my life right now. Choosing to live in my present moment.View full post »

On Loving People Well.

I don’t always love people the way that I’d like to. I’m often selfish or lacking the time to be fullyView full post »

On Doing Something Great. (The Evolution Series)

Do you ever share a time with someone and leave thinking, “we just solved the world!” I’m lucky enoughView full post »

On Social Media Activism. ( The Evolution Series )

I’ve hesitated to write this blog post, taking time to make sure that I’m speaking with truth to myView full post »

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